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I would like this blog to feel like an extension of my living room: a space in which you are welcome to make yourself comfy and talk about any and everything. I like the thought that we can talk about silly or very serious things, that both the holy and the hilarious are welcome. And so, of all the places I like to write, I like to write here on my blog – because it feels like home.

That being said – I’ve been traveling quite a lot lately. A frantic writing spell a few weeks ago resulted in a handful of pieces of mine being published around the web in the last week. I don’t like to inundate you all with everything, but in case you were curious – here are the clicks to those pieces. Think of it as us sitting together on my couch, and me showing you pictures of our travels as we sip a refreshing beverage together  🙂 Enjoy!


For The Love of Liturgy: in SheLoves magazine, about a few beautiful things I learned from my years in a liturgical church.

The liturgy taught me to participate in a way I hadn’t before. Reading prayers and scripture responsively during a worship service forced me to see myself as part of a congregation, rather than as part of an audience. Communal prayers expressed the priesthood of all believers in a beautiful and practical way. Prayer was no longer something I did at home, while others prayed on my behalf at church. No, now we prayed together. I was grateful and aware that I was learning about corporate worship.


The Sexiest Habit of All at Start Marriage Right:

At this age, and in this stage of life – the barriers to intimacy are deep. The warmest fireplace, the skimpiest clothes, the “let’s get it on” music will do nothing to get me “in the mood” if I feel unseen, unloved, unnoticed. It is hard for a lonely wife to be an enthusiastic lover. I need to be called by name, I need a few minutes to take off the other aprons and hats of responsibility I wear and feel known before any knowing-in-the-biblical sense is going to happen.

And so, he put the kids to bed. He does it for our children, and he does it for himself as a Dad. But he does it for me too, and of all the things he does that make me treasure him, want him – this one habit stands out.


RELEVANT magazine published The Case Against Love at First Sight:

As it turns out, there are different ways to start a fire. The lithium-in-water type of explosion is one way to get things going with a bang. Romeo and Juliet. Cinderella and Prince Charming. Orpheus and Eurydice. Other fires require a bit more time. Hardwood is slower to catch aflame, but it burns longer.


Red Letter Christians published my blog post from earlier: Teaching My Children To Drink

Alcohol was created to help commemorate the significant moments of life. My theology is simple: God gave us wine to remember, not to forget.


I had a guest post over at Sarah Quezeda’s blog ‘A Life With Subtitles’ on Why We Sent Our Kids To Spanish Immersion School

Ten years later, we are parents to three first-generation American children. They are white. They are English speaking. They have well-educated parents and live in a well-resourced school district. They are poised for a life in which they can succeed in a way which few others are privileged enough to do.

And while I gratefully acknowledge that blessing, that opportunity, that privilege – I am reminded of how hard it is to learn the lesson of the ‘other’ when life’s cards are dealt in your favor.


And finally, this week I was FaithVillage’s Spotlight Contributor, with a fun Q&A on beginning blogging, being kind on the internet, and the differences between church in South Africa and America…

On advice to new bloggers: “Be generous in your writing and your online interactions. Be supportive of other writers, be kind to your readers, and do what you can to make the internet a better quality place with whatever it is you are writing about. There is so much trash online, and there are also so many people with honest questions and real hurts who are looking for truth through google searches. Let them find a trustworthy and honest person if they find you.”


Phew! Exhausting! Time to curl up on my couch and take a breath. But just for a few minutes… because I need to get our family of 5 on a plane early tomorrow morning. Happy clicking, friends. Have a latte for me, won’t you?


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