Pick of the Clicks 8/20/2014

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It’s baaack! (Although, it’s a Wednesday and not the Weekend – but we’re away this weekend and I have so many tabs open of things I was waiting to share with you all, I figured it was time.) Here are some excellent clicks for you all:

It feels as if the world has gone mad the past two weeks: so much shock and sadness around – of the handful of things I’ve read, I really appreciated:

Ann Voskamp’s thoughts on depression and suicide after the tragic news about Robin Williams: What the church and christians need to know about suicide and mental health.

In the wake of all that is happening in #Ferguson, MO, Thabiti Anyabwile’s post Coming (Back) To America: My One Fear deserves a careful read. Actually, every one of his pieces at the Gospel Coalition this week should be read. Slowly. And listening.

Melissa Fabello’s piece Let’s Talk About Thin Privilege is an important, excellent piece about body image and women… but it should really be read and considered in light of this week’s talk about white privilege because it makes excellent, clear, nuanced and helpful comments about understanding what privilege is and how it works. It. Is. Brilliant. (Recommended by Erin – thanks!)

The genocide in Syria has me heartbroken. I cannot handle reports from trusted friends that it is, in fact, true that christians (including children) are being beheaded. I appreciated this from Hannah Anderson, who pointed out that if we feel we just can’t handle it, maybe there are things to learn from this. Stanford Gibson’s piece on Praying the Psalms from Privilege also gave deep insight and help into how we can pray for the suffering. Read it: it’s excellent.

imagesThis past week reminded me of why we have changed our profile pictures to the arabic sign for “n” (abbreviated for Nazarin, which are what Arabs in Syria call Christians) – it is a sign of solidarity with those being persecuted. I wrote about this last year at Think Christian: Christianity Includes All Y’all: From Syria to Egypt to Texas. I am really proud of this little piece, and was encouraged to re-read it.

Loved this two minutes clip from the ever-wise Karen Swallow Prior on whether the Bible should be read differently to other literature. 

Also, if you didn’t yet read about Glennon Melton’s kitchen renovation yet – do so IMMEDIATELY. (Hint: it’s not what you think. It’s 10000000 times better): Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt.

Once you see how awesome Glennon and the team at Momastery are, you’ll understand why I SQUEALED when I found out that  my  post on Angry Socks and Silences was to be featured over at Momastery last month. I got the email in the airport departure hall – and even though there were 300 travelers around me, I did a giddy and uncoordinated dance of glee.

Excellent: from Ann Swindell –  Complaining is a Spiritual Problem.

As someone who attends a predominantly white church that longs to be relevant cross-culturally, this was a really eye-opening, uncomfortable and GOOOOOOD read from Kathy Khang: Just Because the Door is Open Doesn’t Mean I’m Welcome Here.

A MUST-READ for college students and all those who love them – this, from Sammy Rhodes: College Doesn’t Change Your Heart, It Reveals It. 

This was my favorite thing to come out of shark week (thanks to my other wonderful Erin friend, who proves regularly that missionaries can have really fabulous, irreverent senses of humor):



Also loved this: if company slogans were honest, this is what they would look like.

This, from Tyler Vigen, is a HILARIOUS insight into correlation. So freaking funny. (and also, important: because correlation is NOT causation, people!)

I get very frustrated with the media portraying dads as deadbeats so often… so I wanted to stand up and CHEER(io) for this ad: This is How to Dad….

And this is really important food for thought if you have boys:

And FINALLY: my top posts of the last month: Dear Bronwyn – Help, I love him, I love him not (speaking of which – got a question? Click here!), and my reflections on the ten year anniversary of our being in the USA – it’s been nothing that I planned, and I’m so grateful.

Got a click you’d like to share? Go ahead and leave the link in the comments – I love recommendations!

Thanks for reading, everyone. To take a line from the airlines – I know you have a choice of where to read around the internet, and I appreciate you choosing to read here 🙂




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5 thoughts on “Pick of the Clicks 8/20/2014”

  1. And, by the way, it’s been a rather heavy few weeks in the news, hasn’t it? Thanks for rounding up all these links. Now I have them all in one place, rather than hunting around and getting distracted by SQUIRRELS!!! …which I am far too prone to do.

  2. Thanks for these links — I read the kitchen reno one last week and it was so great. Congratulations on being featured on Momastery! And I know EXACTLY what you mean about the deadbeat dads thing. Not 10 minutes ago I read someone’s post on FB about how your husband will always be your biggest child and require the most care etc. Excuse me but that is crap.

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