One Thing We’re Doing To Teach Our Kids About Privilege

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I have an article over at Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics today – talking about the one thing we’re doing to teach our kids about privilege: we’re sending them to a Spanish Immersion Elementary School. Read the intro here, or the whole thing there:

46046As American kids pack up bookbags and find their classrooms on the first day of school, more of them will be greeted with, “Hola” and “Buenos Dias.” Their bulletin boards will display colors, animals, and days of the week in Spanish. Language-immersion schools are booming in the U.S., not just in places like Texas and California, but across the country.

The Spanish-immersion education offered at public schools presents one more option for parents, many of them alreadytrying to figure out what route will be best for their children. They often spend the first years of their kids’ lives considering their options, weighing pros and cons of private school, public school, Christian school, and homeschool.

While the perks of language immersion programs are debated, the increase in popularity of Spanish immersion programs show that more parents see them as a way promote their children’s academic achievement. These programs boast language and literacy development in two or more languages, and improved cognitive skills for students.

When it came time to choose a school for our children, we also had options. There was what seemed like an obvious choice: a neighborhood school with an award-winning Montessori program 100 yards from our front door. But that’s not what we picked. We drive our kids half way across town, to the school where all the instruction is done in Spanish.

Click over to Hermeneutics to read the rest….

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  1. Is your six year old being taught by someone who loves The Lord Jesus Christ or hates the Lord Jesus Christ? Are you going to have to spend your weekends and evenings refuting what the teacher says about homosexuality, sex education , environmentalism etc?immersion for a couple of years ican be useful. I speak three languages, but the public school system is anti Chrisitan in orientation and your seven year old is not equipped to be a witness there, just a casualty

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