Pick of the Clicks 9/28/2014

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It’s the last week of September: a month of much activity at home and much less activity online. I’ve missed two weeks, but here are some links I’ve been saving up to share with you 🙂

Happy Flowers


This insightful piece from Cindy Brandt on whether/how prayer “works”: When Prayer Becomes Control.  Soooooo good.

Loved this piece from Dorothy Greco on how marriage calls forth our greatest fears of failure because we are such deeply flawed people, and how we can have hope anyway: Seismic Shifts.

John Pavlovitz’s article If I Have Gay Children: Four Promises From A Christian Pastor/Parent is a MUST read. Just click on over there already. Go. Do it. I so appreciate John’s writing.

Megan McArdle’s essay on Why Writers Are the Worst Procrastinators is excellent. It is a double-whammy of awesomeness: the first half for its comments on writing, perfectionism and why those-who-were-always-good-at-english learned wrong lessons about the craft, the second half for its very insightful look into parenting and how learning to fail well is the key to success. Well worth a read.

Beth Bruno raised an excellent question in this piece: Is it time to put Miss Saigon in the history books? Read this. I think she’s write (and as my friend Liz rightly points out, Moulin Rouge should go the way of the buffalo too: “Being used by men doesn’t fit a woman for romance.”

I See You from Andrea Levendusky is my favorite read of the week. Make that the month. It brought tears to my eyes: tears of the very best kind.

Megan Hill, Hannah Anderson and Courtney Reissig wrote a fantastic piece over at Tim Challies’ place entitled Blogs Gone Cold, discussing on what it’s like to be a woman writer (and why women’s blogs sometimes seem… erratic): I found their insights very helpful.

Domestic violence has been in the news in the past weeks. I’ve read some very sobering things on this, but wanted to commend this brief collection of tweets from women: 19#WhyIStayed Tweets That Everyone Needs to See.

My favorite art this week: Mr Bean digitally painted into historical portraits. I dare you not to laugh.

Every now and then, there is an Amazon customer review which deserves its own light-up sign for hilarity. This write up for Veet Hair Removal Cream for men is one of them. (Warning, language. Also warning: do not read if you have sleeping children or a very full bladder. Trust me on this.)

Loved this chart which tells you which fictional doctors are trustworthy from College Humor. Dr Evil or Haus? Hahahaha.

What’s new from me, you may be wondering? Well, I added a FAQ page to the blog – check it out here or on the menu tab above.

I spilled my heart over at Adriel Booker’s on all I have learned about the Fierce, Strong Wild Heart of God from being a Mother. If you are at all a regular reader of my blog, I hope you will read this one: it is very special to me.

I had an article at Relevant on what it means to Honor Your Parents as an Adult, and over at Wendy van Eyck’s lovely site ilovedevotionals.com on When You Have To Do Something You Don’t Want To Do. I LOVED writing this piece about my hatred of weeding, and how much good has come from my kneeling down to weed anyway.

Also this month? I’m conquering my fear of Pinterest. (hold me). I’m trying out pinning my articles (and those of others) in my own little corner of the web. If you’re a Pinterest Warrior, find me there! (please? friends make me feel less afraid)

That’s all for this week (and month), friends. What’s caught your eye? What did you read or write that you’d like to share? Leave your comments below!


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