Pick of the Clicks 10/11/2014

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This has been a week of hope for us. After weeks and months of some very hard things, this week saw little glimmers of encouragement seeping into the shadows. This week’s lunar eclipse felt particularly poignant. I spent a lot of time thinking. I spent a lot of time thanking: God and friends and all those other stalwart encouragers along the way. I did not write much, but I did read a bit – and these were things that caught my attention – even in a week of navel-gazing.

Enjoy. They’re pretty fabulous.

Cindy Brandt’s article on Co-Creators From The Beginning is another one of the winners from the Junia Project’s blog competition. Men and women alike should read it – but especially women: since we have all felt that we ‘ought’ to quash our creativity in the greater service of others. Taryn Hayes wrote a fantastic guest post a while back called Giftedness before Godliness, and this article by Cindy gives (I think) the other side of that coin…. why giftedness STILL matters as a woman.

Dorothy Greco’s essay on Bridging Racial Divides by Listening Beneath Our Shame is such an insightful piece on why, as privileged people, we often feel so uncomfortable/angry/ashamed when confronted by discussions of privilege. More importantly, she has some thoughts on what we can do to respond better when we find ourselves twisted emotionally and conversationally on this topic. Her wisdom on this is tremendously helpful.

John Piper tweeted a misguided comment earlier this week about how “we should give and pray and risk in the battle against Ebola. But even more against the Ebola of unbelief.” (jaw drop). I appreciated Tim Fall’s response.

Jen Michel’s post on Breaking the Bread of Belief: Naked is a tightly woven, deeply insightful call on what it means to be really KNOWN. I love the deep things Jen mines out of the Scriptures, and the beautiful ways she expresses them.

I could not breathe while reading Alia Joy’s Open Letter to the Ones Whose No Didn’t Count. Trigger warning: this post is about what you think it’s about. But it is SOOOOO important. If you are able, read it.

I had heard a lot about the uprisings in Hong Kong, but to be honest did not have a clue what to think or feel about it since I had no context for understanding the protests. Dorcas Cheng-Tozun’s article Why Hong Kong Matters: More Than Politics At Stake gave a brief, clear explanation of the situation, but more importantly showed me the heart of the matter: why I should care. It is excellent reading.

I have tried to watch Dr Who before, but gave up fairly soon: feeling overwhelmed by all the Doctors I had not known in the FIFTY YEARS of television I had already missed on this. However, Sarah Bessey may have convinced me to give it another go with her Beginner’s Guide to Doctor Who. Seriously, Sarah writes so winsomely I think she could sell hip hop to a blue rinse brigade… but her love for the show is contagious. Her guide is the most delightful hard sell you’ll come across.

Just for fun: Mallory Ortberg posed a question on Twitter – “What’s the most Dad thing your dad has ever done?” The responses were fantastic. Here are a few of them: Mallory Dad Greatest Hits.

Next week is Columbus Day, and perhaps you’re wondering what to make of it?10 million internet points to The Oatmeal for the most brilliant cartoon explaining the whole thing.  (It’s not what you think)

Finally: I am a word nerd, so loved this post on 25 Words That Are Their Own Opposites. English is a STRANGE language!

On my blog this week? An Ask Me Anything question about how to honor your parents (or your spouses’s parents) when your relationships with them is tricky. I got a lot of email about this one.

Photo Credit: Andre Van Rooyen (Lunar Eclipse 3/4 March) – copyright Flickr Creative Commons

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