Pick of the Clicks 10/18/2014

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Pick of the Clicks

I think this week may be the best pick of the clicks week EVER. OH. MY. WORD. Enjoy:

Drake Baer’s article for the Business Insider, Harvard says the best thinkers have these 7 ‘Thinking Dispositions’, made for fascinating reading. To make the point, he asks just two questions: can you play the piano? and do you play the piano? Sooooo interesting.

Lindsey Ellison’s essay on the #1 Secret on How To Engage A Narcissist is a quick and TOTALLY eye-opening read. We all know someone like this, or someone in a relationship that looks like this – and this is a must read if we are ever prone to give our thoughts/opinions/encouragements on relationships!

Likewise, Christy Sim’s piece on How to Help a Victim of Domestic Violence is incredibly tactful and practical. It’s an essay worth bookmarking.

Jessica Kelley’s essay Can Christians Support Brittany Maynard’s Decision?  is truly excellent. In it, she shares her thoughts on Kara Tippett’s open letter to Brittany Maynard, the 29-year old terminally ill woman who (may) end her life on November 1st. Coming from the perspective of a Christian mom who cared for and buried her terminally ill preschooler, Jessica’s thoughts are nuanced, respectful, clear and incredibly thought-provoking.

The Rise of Bibilical Counseling by Kathryn Joyce is a lengthy but significant read about how the church handles psychological and psychiatric struggles. I remember reading “Competent To Counsel” nearly 20 years ago, and feeling swayed that there was no ailment which a clear and consistent application of Scripture could not handle. My views have changed since then: I have seen mental illness and depression close up, and while I still am very much in support of counseling (and Christian counseling), I also think that mental illness and depression are scary realities and we can’t spiritualize our way out of that aspect of our fallen world. It is a really thorough, balanced read.

Fabienne Harford’s article on Sex and the Single Woman is a magnificent read  (Thanks, Dorothy Greco, for the recommendation). I don’t know that I have come across a more truthful and hopeful piece on the topic, and even as a married woman – I learned so much from this.

Michael Horton’s essay What If Having an Extraordinary Life Isn’t The Point is so very, very good. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It was so good I read it twice, and I have it open on my browser because I intend to read it twice more before closing it.

Sara Hagerty’s post over at Amy Julia Becker’s lovely blog What I Learned When My Children Fell Apart In Front Of Me is poignant and wise reflection on adoption, suffering, and grace. She writes:

Pain is an invitation and loss isn’t a curse when it peels back the layers over the heart to reveal the hunger buried underneath — inherent in every human, no matter the circumstances — for a personal, intimate brush with God.

This made me snicker: I am that crayon-smuggler.



Links from me:

What women want over at Ungrind this week, a little reflection on God’s kindness caused by my daughter’s incessant nagging to get her ears pierced.

Also, at RELEVANT magazine this week: 9 Things Everyone Should Do When Reading the Bible. This essay at RELEVANT was adapted from a post long-ago on this blog (you can find the original here) – crazy that it was read by just 200-300 people on my blog, and has been read by hundreds of thousands now at RELEVANT. Just goes to show that the size of a blog doesn’t necessarily tell you anything about the quality of its content 🙂

Top of my blog this week: That time my pot got me in trouble. Don’t be deceived by the title – this post was actually one of my more serious reflections on culture, faith, and the words we use to talk about them 🙂

Thanks for reading my little blog 🙂 And happy clicking!

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  1. These look like great selections. I read the Horton piece only so far, and I see what you mean: I want to re-read and savour it. So beautifully written: “In God’s covenant community, we hear His will for our lives, confess our sins, rest more in Christ, and seek to show God’s faithfulness to each other in our ordinary callings.”

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