Pick of the Clicks 10/31/2014

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It’s October 31st: i.e. Halloween, Reformation Day, the Day of the Dead, Satan’s birthday, the biggest holiday of the year… Really, it depends who you ask. I had a piece over at Christianity Today’s Hermeneutics this week on My First American Halloween – tracing my own experience in the cultural phenomenon that is halloween, and tracing some of its (surprising!) history. Have a look 🙂

Then – on to the rest of this weekend’s pick of the clicks.


“That dude was japaneño business.” hahahaha! This was my favorite one from Distractify’s collection of the 50 Funniest Puns in the History of Puns.

Reut Amit’s He Never Hit Me is a sobering piece – listening to the voice of someone who stayed in an abusive situation for far too long, saying to herself (as others did too) – “but he never hit me”. This is worth a read.

What would you do if you were asked to sub a Kindergarten Sunday School class, only to discover you’ve been asked to teach the story of David and Bathsheba? Loved this post from Megan Hill with her answer: Sex and Sunday School.

Megan Garber’s short article ‘Dating’ vs ‘Married’: How Text Messages Change Over Time is a statistical and sweet (what a combo!) take on how relationships grow. “I’ll be home for dinner by 6”, followed by “okay” are more romantic than you might think.

Lore Ferguson’s piece Beautiful Beyond Our Control is a magnificent reflection on what it is to be, and to feel, beautiful. She writes:

“When I think back to the times I felt most beautiful, most nourished, most comfortable with my body and its natural curves and inclinations, they were not the times I was most in control of those things, but the times I worried least about them.”

Where there is no grace by Carolyn Mahaney is a wise, wonderful piece for us moms who can get anxious.

M. Blazoned’s essay on The Default Parent is a HILARIOUS. If you’re wondering whether you’re the default parent, you aren’t. If you are, however, you’re the one who knows where the wrapping paper is…

And last “click” to recommend: following Renee Zellweger’s new face and Victoria’s Secret’s new ad campaign – I appreciated Leslie Leyland Field’s reflections on what constitutes the ‘perfect body‘. Speaking of which: you should just follow Leslie on Facebook. Everything she posts is worth it.

I thought this little video by Jefferson Bethke on why he doesn’t believe in the rapture was spot on. #preach

And this made me laugh – a pillow fight prank. Just awesome college humor here.

A last minute addition for those who are planning to go trick or treating (or who are related to short people who will be) – here is Buzzfeed’s Guide To Candy Trading. Very helpful.

Top of my blog this week was The One Thing that Marriage Does That Living Together Doesn’t, followed by an “Ask me anything” question – Can Christians be Nudists?

That’s all for this week, folks. Got something you’d like to recommend or share? Leave a link in the comments. Until next week, Happy clicking!

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