Pick of the Clicks 11/7/2014

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Oh wow: what a great line up I have for you this week! BON APPETIT!

But first, a little gem from Dorothy Parker’s life:

Pick of the Clicks 11/7/2014

Briskly on to much more serious and reverent things, then:

Rebecca Reynolds’ essay A Mother’s Repentance should be read by all moms. Just all of us. Because parenting out of fear that we’ll make a mistake is a sure path to regret… this was such a beautiful, honest, redemptive read.

Wesley Hill’s piece The Way Conducts Us is a magnificent read on what it means that we are “saved through childbearing”. When asked in a lecture what that meant, he glossed off two theological possibilities. But the next morning, a mom friend called him to task over breakfast: “no, that’s not what that means”… I’m bookmarking this one to read again. (And again)

Sean Fitzpatrick’s essay on Boys, Porn and Education is a sobering perspective from a headmaster on the effect pornography is having on boys: undoing some of the good that education aims to produce in them, and in fact, calcifying them to learning. “Jaded spirits are not very susceptible to formation,” he writes.

Anne Lamott’s interview at Salon Magazine with Sarah Hepola (“We stuffed scary feelings down and they made us insane“) was one of the most fabulous interviews I’ve read: so much to think about, laugh with, cry about. Just gotta love Ms Lamott.

Ann Voskamp’s shining words in the wake of Brittany Maynard’s decision to end her life this past week touched me deeply: the gift she gave us before she left.

Kevin Thompson’s The Most Overlooked Characteristic Of Who You Want To Marry is really excellent – whether you’re married or not. In tandem with that, read about Alex and Brett Harris, who are 25 and spear-headed a mega-movement among teens to practice “doing hard things”. At 25, both of them are doing hard things, one of them facing exactly the challenge Thomson talks about: dealing with suffering. (Read Sarah Zylstra’s article on the Harris twins here)

Stanford Gibson’s Psalm Plots are amazing: mapping out the Psalms Engineer-style.  For example, this beauty: a mood map of the Psalms.

Psalm Mood Map

You should click over to see the rest.

I love this from Aimee Fritz: Sabbath in a Fallow Field, a beautiful piece about how, after some time of significant fund raising and awareness raising, she felt God calling her to “empty her pockets and buy a fallow field”. This is gorgeous, and very thought-provoking, writing.

Jamie the Very Worst Missionary wrote about being #Blessed this week: and how cheap and cheesy it has become for us to say “I’m blessed” when what we mean is “I’m pleased.” But if that’s not at the heart of blessing (getting good things/avoiding bad ones), then what is? I think she’s right (haha, and she’s Wright).

Speaking of missionaries, I loved Cindy Brandt’s Open Letter to Missionaries. Lots of think about here on sharing Christ and culture…

What It’s About, by Heather Demetrios, is a magnificent piece of storytelling, about what being stabbed in the (metaphorical) face and riding a subway can teach you. (Writers, read this one.)

I LOVED this: 5 examples of how the languages we speak can affect the way we think. Seriously, if I could go back to college and start again I think I might choose linguistics. I LOVE the language-shapes-thinking-which shapes-language connections.

Best tweet of the week: Amanda Griggs’ Taking Museum Selfies to the Next Level. Someone has a great sense of humor!

And friends: share this video – please. For the sake of my babies, for the sake of loving our neighbor, for the sake of your own life which is so very, very precious – please, don’t text and drive.

I can’t even think of a way to transition from that video to the next, so please accept my apologies for the genre whiplash… but here’s a gem of a parody on the Hunger Games:

Top of my blog this week? In defiance of the muffin top. Thank you to all the brave readers who shared their own vulnerabilities and photos – I hope you felt empowered!

Also, don’t forget I have a copy of Karen Swallow Prior’s fantastic new book Fierce Convictions up for grabs. Click here to find out more and enter to win a copy.



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