Pick of the Clicks 11/22/14

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A quick hello and round up of EXCELLENCE from the web, and then I am off to celebrate the weekend. Enjoy…

First, this PSA from my friend April Fiet:


I usually close the pick of the clicks with a link to whatever was the most read on my blog this week, but this week I’m starting with my favorite link for the week – an artistic rendering from Corrie Haffly based on this week’s 5-day #ACourageousOne series. Corrie took a quote from each of this week’s posts about trafficking, and turned them into haunting, beautiful images. Whether you read none, one, or all of this week’s posts – take a look at Corrie’s gallery on Sex Trafficking Awareness as part of her NaNoDrawMo project (and share it!)

Other links I loved this week:

I am generally not a fan of closed captioning, but this music video is arguably the funniest I’ve ever come across:

And this little gem of a video has Grover of Sesame Street learning about Autism from a sweet big sister:

That’s all for this week. What caught your eye? What did you write or unearth which deserves to be shared? Leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading, and happy clicking!

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