Pick of the Clicks (December edition)

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I had a few posts lined up in the first week of the month to share with you, and then December HAPPENED and here we are… So for once, I’m going to link up with Leigh Kramer and call this the “What I’m into” collection for clicks this month.

First up, if you haven’t already – take a moment to soak the profound wisdom of this picture in:


I appreciated Diana Butler Bass’s thoughts on the War on Advent (or, as FOX news would put it: the War on Christmas). As I mentioned at the beginning of December: I had a hard time drumming up the Christmas “spirit” this year, but it occurred to me that maybe feeling the darkness of the world’s suffering is actually a good place (emotionally, spiritually) to begin Advent….

After reading Margot Starbuck’s Stockpiling Treasures in my Junk Chest, I got terrifically motivated to clean 1000 items out of my house. So far, I’ve donated over 200 things to Goodwill, and already things feel so much better.  Join me? #1000LessToLive1000PercentMore.

If you haven’t read NFL player Benjamin Watson’s response to the events of Ferguson yet, you should.

Loved this from the ever-fabulous Brene Brown: Time to get off the cellphone. She writes: “Everyone wants to know why customer service has gone to hell in a hand basket. I want to know why customer behavior has gone to hell in a hand basket.”

Perhaps you have come across Caleb Wilde’s writing via his blog Confessions of a Funeral Director. Eric Buchner’s interview with Caleb Death Becomes Him is SUCH good reading: it is worth considering how a deep understanding of death can make us more fully human.

Reading David Instone-Brewer’s book about divorce and remarriage in church was a game-changer for me. His research is thoroughly biblical and COMPLETELY eye-opening in understanding the handful of texts we have about divorce. Divorce is  tricky topic and we will all, at some point, find ourselves asking questions about it. However, not everyone wants to read a book on the topic. So I was thrilled to discover a six-minute video with a summary from the Dr himself, explained through Playmobil characters…

Wendy Stringer’s stunningly insightful piece Does Christ Speak In The Rape of Dinah is a powerful meditation on God’s apparent absence in terrific suffering. So well written.

Sarah Torna Roberts’ piece When the Birth of a Child Changes You is MAGNIFICENT. Read it.

Also breathtaking is Michaela Evanow’s the messy, salty glory: on holding my breath during the holidays… such profound reflections on how we can experience both deep grief and also moments of joy, all in the same day.

I love this beautifully honest from Micha Boyett: On being “healed of being a big deal”.  So perhaps we aren’t the famous ones we had hoped… but there is grace in the small humiliations of life. Loved this.

This was my favorite mini-conversation of the month:

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 8.47.55 PM

(I shared this on this blog’s Facebook page: did you see it? If not, you should visit my page 🙂

In case you didn’t see it, here is the end of year Christmas spoof from Downton Abbey (no spoilers). Including George Clooney. So hilarious.

On the blog this month:

When my heart is heavy before Christmas

Who put the X in Christmas?

Re-inventing Christmas

Do you see what I see? (A LASIK story)

Permission Granted (A Gift for You)

But the top-read post on my blog this month was Letter to a Hurting Friend, which got discovered and shared and shared and shared some more on Pinterest. So glad to know so many people are being good friends to those who are hurting 🙂


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