Pick of the Clicks 01/17/2015

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Pick of the Clicks

First up, a little PSA for all us NT Wright fans: the man himself is hosting a free online course, starting March 2015. Click here for details 🙂

Loved this brilliant advice from Neil Gaiman on how to be a writer. Brilliant.

Get ready to think hard (and stand up and cheer) for Chris Smith’s article Design Should Matter to Christians. He writes:

The design and form of our work bears witness to what we believe, just as much as the content of the work.

I had a complete “Oh my goodness, ME TOO!” moment reading Rachel Marie Stone’s post On taking communion: why it’s okay to make crunching noises.

For nearly a quarter of a century,I have been trying to eat the bread without doing the thing that eating typically requires, which is to say: CHEWING.

Danielle Ayer Jones’ reflection Am I Beautiful? is a fantastic read for moms of girls (and women in general).

And this, from Mandy Len Catron, is FASCINATING: To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This. Can you make any two people fall in love by staring into one another’s eyes? Is love something we ‘fall’ into, or something we can choose? Seriously. Fascinating.

Dorothy Greco is hosting an excellent series on her blog called “An Invitation to Listen”, and has asked African American writers to share their experience of what it’s like to live in the US. Pay attention to this series. This week, I deeply appreciated Austin Channing Brown’s post on the Top 10 Conversation Deflectors. I am guilty of having deflected this way, and I can’t do better (or be better) if I’m not aware. Such good stuff.

Oh, Beth Moore (or mama Beth, as many of my friends call her) – I so love her heart and call to action in It’s Hunting Season for Heretics.

Jefferson Bethke nailed it with this video: Porn – Human Trafficking at Your Fingertips. (Please share)


Wouldn’t high school chemistry have been more memorable if we had teaching aids like this:

From me this week:

Over at Start Marriage Right, a piece for engaged (or soon to be) couples – on why to opt for a wedding rather than eloping: 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Elope.

Then, I have a piece over at RELEVANT magazine where I got to interview Natalie Grant: How to Turn the Tide in the War on Human Trafficking. However, SO MANY THINGS went wrong in the getting this article published that it deserved a story of its own: That Time I Interviewed a Celebrity. IT’s kind of a funny story, really.

Also on the blog this week:

Love Ninjas – a tribute to those secret agents of love who slipped in and out of our home and lavished us with their mad care-taking skills this week, and…

…most read this week, the first “Ask Me” post of the year: Can Married People be friends with people of the opposite sex? (And speaking of Ask me questions, if you have a question… send it along here!)

Thanks for reading and sharing! You make this blog a fun place to be 🙂



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  1. On the taking communion post, it is worth noting that the verb used of eating Christ’s flesh in John 6:56 is one meaning something closer to ‘crunch’, ‘gnaw’, or ‘chew’.

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