Pick of the Clicks 2/6/2015

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Pick of the Clicks-2

Ron Lieber’s article Why You Should Tell Your Children How Much You Make is a piece worth bookmarking, and it made me want to read his book “The Opposite of Spoiled”. Fascinating food for thought there.

Hadley Freeman’s interview with Cary Elwes on The Princess Bride (‘I know what my epitaph will be’, says Elwes) was a laugh-out-loud, masterful capture. If you have loved the Princess Bride, this is a very joyful 5 minute read.

Lore Ferguson and Paul Maxwell’s piece To the Christian Men and Women Debating Yoga Pants is a good and timely word on a topic which is just getting far too much airtime, IMHO. But anyway, if we’re getting all riled up about yoga pants, then read this. Tone matters. And I don’t mean muscle tone.

10/10 to Jen Hatmaker on her (as always) combination of funny, encouraging and very wise post On Becoming a Writer. Also, contains the funniest loose paraphrase of 2 Chronicles 16:9 I’ve ever come across:

“…the eyes of publishers roam about the earth searching for undiscovered writers who can actually compose a compelling sentence…”

Elizabeth Cohen’s article A Predator in The House is a bone-chilling but incredibly important read. She writes this article after discovering that for many months, she and her teen daughter had been “groomed” by a friend who was loved, trusted, and welcomed in their home… and was also a child pornographer. My mind could not stop spinning after reading this. Consider yourself warned.

Cindy Brandt’s reflection on The Boy Who Did Not Come Back From Heaven is worth your time. I didn’t read the book (which has now been retracted by the publishers), but I did read Heaven is for Real, whose story is also called into question by the former’s disgrace. Cindy’s questions about all this are so good, and her insight is really important: we are hungry for good stories, but as followers of the plain Jesus born to ordinary people in humble circumstances, we must care about plain people. Good stuff (as usual), Cindy.

Heather Caliri write a gentle, wise and winsome post here: Spiritual Abuse is Real. Here’s how to Recover. If you are someone who has found it hurtful to go to church (or you know someone like that), read this. Love her words.

A moment of mirth: I let my toddler dress me for a week and this is what happened. Yup. Exactly. A friend sent this to me after my 7 year old upbraided me about my apparent lack of fashion sense. Sheesh: what does she know.

And your video for the week? Abby Norman’s TedEx talk. Repeat after me: “Hi, my name is _____________, and I AM IN CHARGE OF MY OWN BODY.” Let’s teach our kids how to say this often and well.

My talented and wonderful friend Corrie, who draws comics to capture the hilarities of life with kids, drew a comic based on my kids this week. LOVE IT.



From me?

I’m thrilled to be joining the She Loves community as one of their regular contributors, and all the more to have this month’s post be one which proudly flies the South African flag 🙂 Check it out here: The Flag House.

On the blog: this week was exciting in that the One Little Word that Radically Changed my Prayers post hit the 10k mark for being liked and shared. Wow! So amazing and humbled to think of my desperate-in-my-pajames prayer being read by tens of thousands of people worldwide. Just Wow. really. Thank you to everyone who has shared this post.

New on the blog – the Why I Won’t Be Watching Fifty Shades of Gray (which I misspelled… it should be Grey) post got lots of attention. The movie debuts next week. What are your thoughts?

That’s all friends. Thank you so much for spending time with me at my little online dinner table. I hope you feel welcome. I love having friends over.

Photo credit: Steffen Ramsaier (Poppy field – backlight), Flickr Creative Commons (edited by Bronwyn Lea)


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  1. I read several of these. The one about the predator is chilling, indeed. It’s difficult. On the one hand, we can’t afford to be naive about what people–even people in church, who claim to be Christian (or are Christian)–are capable of doing. On the other hand, we have to take the risk of trusting other people; not every person is a predator, after all! Otherwise, we become paranoid and isolated, which isn’t how God intended us to be. But choosing who to trust takes wisdom and discernment.

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