Pick of the Clicks – 2/14/2015

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Pick of the Clicks-3

Here are some of the best things I found online this week: enjoy!

To be honest, it has been hard to find much on the internet that DOESN’T have to do with 50 Shades of Grey. I said my piece about that last week and thought I was done with the topic, but I have to commend Kirsten Anderson on her article The Real Reason Fifty Shades is so Wildly Popular (HINT: It’s not sex). This is a brilliant, informative, insightful and deeply redemptive read. SO GOOD. Even if you think you’re “done” with this topic, read this post because it is so enlightening.

My other top, top pick for the week is Jen Wilkin’s post 3 Female Ghosts that Haunt the Church. Don’t be misled by the title: this is a MUST READ for thinking about how men and women alike think and talk about their responses to and welcome of women in the church.

John Pavlovitz’s 5 Ways To Avoid Your Own Valentine’s Day Massacre. Funny, insightful and dead-on true. Good stuff.

I really appreciated Laura Droege’s guest post over at Tim Fall’s blog about the time she raised her voice at her male-voice-only church: Women Speak, Men Ought to Listen.

Megan Gahan’s (Love) Note From Your Personal Trainer is so fantastic. I’ve never had a personal trainer… but I would want this one.

Lindy West’s piece What happened when I confronted my online troll is a completely unexpected, incredible, redemptive read. Lindy has taken more hate online than I think I could bear, but this turn of events (when a stalked impersonated her dead father in order to heap abuse on her), amazed me.

D.L. Mayfield’s post Overwhelmed over at Tanya Marlow’s lovely blog is a beautiful read:

 I was overwhelmed that the world was so beautiful and terrible, overwhelmed by a very good God who let very bad things happen, all the time.

Alia-Joy Hagenbach’s essay When Hollowed and Holy Quiet Speaks Loudest is magnificent writing and an aching reminder of the hospitality of listening, especially when we have friends going through dark, horrid times. Read it. Soak it in.

Your video this week? Three not-to-be-missed minutes from Brene Brown (the animated version!) on blaming.

My news?

One post this week on the blog: Hope for the One with Trust Issues. Also, I’m excited to have joined both SheLoves magazine and iBelieve.com as regular contributors. FUN! So thankful for these wonderful opportunities.

Thanks for reading… and as always, leave a comment below with your favorite picks to read from this week (I always read them!), or contact me if you have a question for the Ask Me Anything series or want to submit a guest post. I love to hear from you!


Photo Credit: Ginny Anderson – I heart pink crabapple tree blossoms (Flickr Creative Commons) / edited by moi.


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