Pick of the Clicks 3/1/2015

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Pick of the Clicks-2

Well hello, hello. Perhaps you were worried I’d abandoned my little habit of collecting internet gems for you.


This week’s collection most than makes up for the past few weeks’ silence: there are some EXCELLENT reads here. Enjoy!

Suzanne Wolfe’s The Courage of Men, reflecting on the cowardice and courage of men around her is some of the best writing I’ve had the privilege to read in ages, and her tribute to the 21 men slain by ISIS left me in tears.

Anna Quinlan’s that’s okay, we’ll try again over at the lovely Coffee & Crumbs blog is such a beautiful benediction to those of us who are in the every-day-toughness of parenting little ones. Magnificently written, and oh-so-good.

Christy Sim’s article Domestic Violence Allegations in the Faith Community: How Shall We Respond is SPOT ON and SO IMPORTANT. I wish we didn’t have to deal with this stuff, but it happens and how we respond when we first hear is CRITICALLY important. Please read this, and pass it on too.

Sharri Bockheim Steen’s reflections in Happy Cancer-versary over at Chicken Soup for the Soul are so beautifully written. Worth a read to consider how little acts of kindness sow joy over time.

I loved, loved, loved this from Amy Peterson: Woman, why are you weeping (when your kid becomes Episcopalian). Why is it so many are so afraid of liturgical churches? Amy’s words are a balm.

This is my favorite news story in memory: “Age is not a barrier”: Tech Designer aged 91 lands her dream job in Silicon Valley. YES!!!!!

Funny: 23 People you will eventually meet at a Christian College.

From me?

Chicken Meditations, published over at Ungrind…. and a whole lot of other writing stuff to prepare for speaking at retreats (yay! I LOVE face to face time with women in the Scriptures! But it does mean this blog will remain somewhat neglected for a while longer).

Happy reading, everyone. And as always, feel free to leave suggested reading in the comments, or send me guest posts or Ask Me questions. It makes my day to hear from you 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Pick of the Clicks 3/1/2015”

  1. Hi Bronwyn – enjoying the Pick of the Clicks as per usual! Just to let you know the “Funny: 23 people…” link is not working.
    Have a great day.

  2. The problem with the domestic violence article is that the author had no reliance or direction on this issue from Scripture. We are not allowed to accept a change with just one witness as she advocated.

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