“What Do You Think About Women In The Church?” – Introducing Passing the Salt Shaker

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Salt Shaker

I get some very interesting an unusual letters from readers, but far and away the most common question I am asked is this: “What do you think about women in the church?”

To date, I have not really written about this question much – largely because I have so many more questions than answers and it’s such a huge and hot-button topic. Also, I have felt intimidated by how loudly those at opposing ends of the spectrum shout, and how much meanness can be demonstrated in their characterizations of others’ positions.

However, a few months ago some friends on Twitter and I discussed the possibility of putting together a blog where we could discuss a variety of viewpoints, but do so in a way which demonstrated that our unity in Christ was primary. We had the vision of a family dinner conversation: topics can get heated, but no matter what we know we belong together. We’ve been practicing the conversation for a few weeks, but today we’re going public and inviting you to listen in. Keeping with the dinner table theme, and the Colossians 4:2 directive to keep our conversation both gracious and salty, I’m thrilled to introduce…

Passing the Salt Shaker.

Our goal is to listen, share, explain, and learn from one another’s understanding and experiences. (For a great picture of what we’re aiming for and were we’re coming from, read fellow contributor Alastair Roberts’ post here.) We’ll take two weeks or so to talk about each topic that is introduced, and each of the contributors will weigh in. We will invite guests to chat with us from time to time, but public comments will be closed. (You can read more about the contributors here, where each of them introduces themselves and their background to this conversation. My own introduction is here.)

We’re kicking off with a conversation about Marriage, Singleness, Family Values and the Church. Join us, won’t you?


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