Pick of the Clicks 3/21/2015

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One morning, about eleven years ago, I was standing by the photocopier minding my own business when one of my co-workers walked up and pinched me – HARD – on the arm. Tears and rage sputtered to the surface: “What the heck?” I yelped.

“It’s St Patrick’s Day,” she answered, as if that were an answer.

“I did not know he was celebrated by acts of meanness in the US,” I pouted.

This was how I learned about the pinching-if-you-don’t-wear-green tradition. So, this week on March 17th, I’ll have you know I dressed myself and ALL my children in bright, grassy shades, and we survived the day pinch-free.

Also, this week I found some fun stuff on the internet. Here you go: enjoy 🙂

I spent last weekend with the fabulous women of the Redbud Writers Guild at a retreat in Chicago. My friend Lesley Miller summed up the weekend perfectly here: On women and writing and community.

I also loved this post from new Redbud Esther Emery: The Muse and the Machine, or Why I Don’t Believe in Blogging Consistently. (This made me feel better, too, about hardly having written a word in March!)

Micha Boyett’s reflection Cultivate: Choosing Love & Humility over Rightness, or when Resurrection is Our Story is gorgeous writing saturated with deep truth. Read it. Let it cultivate in you.

A number of church leaders wrote An Open Letter to Franklin Graham this week, dealing with such hard things (race, history, and more) but with such openness. This dialog is critical for the health of the church and a better future for the US. (Thanks, Lisa Sharon Harper.)

The Church of the Rez put out a fun quiz for Holy Week: Which Saint are You? (based on your Myers-Briggs profile.) So fun. Here’s the summary:


I have only seen the ads for the new Netflix series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, so I can’t comment on the show, but I can comment on the stellar quality of most everything Alissa Wilkinson writes. Read this as an example of the fabulousness: I, too, thought the world was coming to an end. Here’s what Kimmy Schmidt gets right. 

This week’s music segment is from Jimmy Fallon Neil Young and Neil Young. (Enjoy their vocal talents, and if you want an extra layer of wonderful reflection, read Michelle van Loon’s post Old Man, I Really, Really Am A Lot Like You. Wonderful stuff.)

And if this mash-up of movie dance scenes doesn’t make you smile, have somebody take your pulse, won’t you?

From my corner?

Some thoughts on parenting and teaching our kids how to handle their bodies in Let’s Not Play That Game.

A fantastic guest post from Nancy Ortberg: Dear Women, There Are Many Ways To Live A Good Life.

And, the exciting announcement of a new blog discussing women and the church: Passing the Salt Shaker (I’ve been sitting on this secret for weeks and literally did a jig on the day we got to launch it!) More than any other question I get asked, readers email me to say “What do you think about women and the church?” Finally, we get to chat!

And finally, I’m over at the very wonderful SheLoves magazine this week with a piece about (yet another) time I said a horribly wrong thing: Humble Pie and I Scream.

Thanks for reading, friends! I appreciate you so much.


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