Pick of the Clicks (03/28/2015)

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Weekend Greetings!

Pick of the Clicks-2

A few worthwhile articles for you:

Warrior Mama, from Julie Neils. Wonderful shot-in-the-arm stuff for weary moms.

Who knew that the trend of removing pubic hair was actually a health hazard? I appreciated this insight from Emily Gibson: The war on pubic hair must end. 

This, from Kate James, is a magnificent essay: Fear of Flying. A snippet:

I tried everything to shrug off the fear: I prayed, I studied the science of flying (at high speeds more air goes under the wings than over and causes lift), I looked at safety records, I read Psalm 23 during take off, I pictured big Jesus hands holding the plane up; nothing. All I could think about was that there was still the chance, however remote, that the plane would lose an engine or a very important bolt, and nose dive.

Heck YES to this fantastic post from Jen Hatmaker on parenting: What Would My Mom Do? (Drink Tab and Lock Us Outside):

A good parent prepares the child for the path, not the path for the child. We can still demonstrate gentle and attached parenting without raising children who melt on a warm day.

If you hang around writers or publishers at all, someone  is going to hassle you about having a big enough “platform” (whatever that is). In light of that, I really appreciated this reality check from Mary de Muth: The Curious Platform of Jesus.

Kelley Nikondeha’s post for god so loved the world was not at all what I thought it was from the title. It’s AWESOME. Cosmically awesome.

The ever-wise Jen Pollock Michel’s reflections on Holy Week and Calling: If You Want One Day You Must Have Them All are worth a read as we approach Lent and pace ourselves accordingly. Bookmark this one and read it during devotions one morning.

Lots of insightful thoughts from Erin Lane (whose book, Lessons in Belonging, I am currently reading – and appreciating!) in this post: Why so many young Christians are leaving their churches – and coming back again.

The problem with young people using authenticity as a precondition for commitment comes when it turns into a pursuit of perfection. When we’re always discerning whether a partner or a church could be “the one,” we find it difficult to commit ourselves for any solid period of time to the one we’re with. It often doesn’t feel right to commit when we can’t be sure we’ll be around in five years, let alone be the same person we are now.

Laura Turner has been posting A definitive guide to evangelical lingo which has had me in stitches:

Just” Definition: A placeholder for “um” or “uh” in prayer.

Example: “Dear Father God, we just pray that you would just bless this endeavor, that you would just be near to us in Spirit and just pour out your presence on us.”

Liz Ditty wrote an EXCELLENT piece with Overcoming Church Hurt with ‘Angry Jesus’. How do you process the image of Jesus with a whip? She writes:

It is outrageous to me the level of imperfection that God is comfortable with- both in His church and in myself.

The Passing the Saltshaker blog, where I’m part of a group of Christians discussing gender and the church, is up and running -have you checked it out yet? This week we’ve been discussing singleness in the church, and I particularly appreciated Alastair Roberts’ thoughts on How the Unmarried can Reveal the Vocational Nature of Marriage. Kristen Padilla also had some excellent thoughts on how a church with specific ministries catering to age groups and marital status might have some significant blindspot: (Mis)categorization and its effects on singles in the local church. Good stuff. Follow along!

My home town in South Africa was ravaged by a terrific fire a few weeks ago. This piece of photojournalism from Anton Crone at Africa Geographic, Life in the Ashes, has incredible photos and much insight.

From me:

KaraTippetts_1412914240879_8898050_ver1.0_640_480Along with hundreds of thousands, I grieved the passing of Kara Tippetts this past week. My sadness over her story made me wonder why it is that we tend to follow the stories of the dying so closely. Is it emotional voyeurism to do so? I don’t think so: I believe reflecting on the dying can lead us to more whole-hearted living. I wrote a tribute to Kara for Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics: Remembering Kara Tippetts and her ‘Mundane Faithfulness’.

I lost my hearing for several weeks this winter. I wrote an essay about precious lessons I learned from this hearing loss for Ungrind (A Listening Ear), and then this week got to write up the story of the miraculous  way my hearing was restored. If nothing else, read this story and laugh with me at God’s sense of humour: Miracle on 5th Street. If nothing else, reading it will remind you that if God could speak through Balaam’s donkey, he most certainly can speak through a 70s folk band 🙂

Also, did you see Judy Douglass’ wonderful guest post this week? On the day you were born. I love Judy. Just love her…

Then, a little piece of wisdom from my 5-year old which was so special to me: Snuggling Always Helps.

I also had a piece go up at Start Marriage Right. I was really pleased with how this one turned out: The Everyday Boring of Happily Ever After.

That’s all for this week, friends. Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet, and happy clicking!

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  2. There is. a correlation between gentilal hairlessness and the attempt of our society to make us androgynous. You can see this more clearly in old sci fi movies. Not very scientific of an answer, but I. Elieve it’s to be true.

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