Pick of the Clicks (04/03/2015)

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I considered titling this post “Pick of the Clicks – Easter Women’s edition”, because I have so many woman-themed posts, but each of these is so lovely, and so redemptive, and so fitting for Holy Week they took my breath away.

Bernard Plockhorst - Waiting for the Word (Flickr Creative Commons - license)
Bernard Plockhorst – Waiting for the Word (Flickr Creative Commons – license)

Sarah Bessey’s Palms is just beautiful:

I never really want to go to church. I just don’t. I’d rather stay home in my jammies and have a lazy Sunday. I like podcasts and books. I have a lot of weirdness about the Church as a whole, too: questions and accusations or frustrations, perhaps. I’m just built that way, some of us are. And I will choose quiet over crowds any day. But every Sunday that I push through that, I never regret it, I’m always to glad I actually got ready and put my children in the car and we went to church to remember that we are the church.

Hillary Yancey is pregnant, and I loved her reflections on the hearing the sound of her baby’s heartbeat: love is the unrelenting muscle. Gorgeous.

Sharon Hodde Miller’s piece Why Stretch Marks Remind Me Of the Resurrection is among the most profoundly insightful and redemptive view on applying the gospel to EVERYTHING, even our post-baby bodies, that I’ve read.

Rachel Marie Stone’s essay Christ’s Labor on the Cross, is a fantastic reflection on what labor (as in childbirth) imagery shows us about the painful and life-giving work Jesus accomplished that first Easter. (Also, she quotes from  Marilynne Robinsons’ Lila, which I just finished reading this week, which made is particularly noteworthy!)

I really appreciated the insights on women and work in Katelyn Beaty’s review of Betty Friedan’s 51-year old book ‘The Feminine Mystique’: I had no idea that Friedan (and Dorothy Sayers, just a few years before her), were saying things so similar to things we are still talking and thinking about. Surprisingly relevant and excellently written.

Over at the SaltShaker, we’ve been talking about why it is that women are less trusted than men. I had some thoughts on that: What Easter Says About Trusting Women. I was thrilled the next day to get an email from an editor at the Huffington Post, who picked up the piece and invited me to be a HuffPo contributor. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Huff Post Parents ran my Let’s Not Play That Game post (again, !!!!!!!!!) later this week too. Dear readers: I cannot even begin to tell you how surreal this all is!

Since we are in a life stage of All Things Lego, this telling of the Easter Story was particularly poignant:

What else from me?

Some thoughts on talking to kids about what Jesus and Easter have to do with Chocolate Eggs

My blog got a big bump to traffic this week when Christian mega-site Crosswalk published an older post on their site: Why I Won’t Take A Stand on Gay Marriage. I got a lot of email about this one: many from people saying “thanks, that really helped,” and more than a few saying, “Read your bible. Scripture is clear on this.” sigh It makes me wonder if people actually read the post (because I DID say I think it’s sinful: I’m just not willing to make posters and picket on the topic!) Anyway, if you’re a new reader as a result of that post: WELCOME. I’m thrilled to have you in my little corner of the internet. Make yourself comfortable. Please know I’m making you a virtual cup of tea.

… and finally, I have a little secret to share. I’m trying my hand at writing fiction, something I never imagined myself doing. However, something really unexpected happened three weeks ago which nudged me to consider it, and I wrote about it at SheLoves magazine today: A Cathedral of Words. An excerpt:

Perhaps there is as much value in fiction as there is in crafted architecture. Perhaps worship goes beyond usefulness. Perhaps God, the Creator himself, has made it such that beauty speaks, too. Perhaps my love of story reflects something about being made in the image of the God who told stories.

And so, I’m writing a story, and having fun with it, too. If it turns into anything, I’ll let you know 🙂

As always, thanks for reading and sharing this blog with others. And as always, I love to hear from you: leave a comment to say or with your own Pick of the Clicks suggestion this week!


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4 thoughts on “Pick of the Clicks (04/03/2015)”

  1. So much excitement! Congratulations on the Huff Post connection, and so cool that you’re writing fiction! Write on, friend, write on! (And a very blessed Easter to you and yours!) xx

  2. I’m so excited to hear you are writing a story Bronwyn. And I’m so glad more and more people are reading your insightful, honest, truth-telling words. I read your posts on other sites and kind of smile to myself and think “I know her!” Thank you for still speaking (writing?) into my life, friend!

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