Pick of the Clicks 4/18/2015

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Well, hello there. This is a picture taken in my garden earlier this week. Gorgeous, yes? Happy Spring to you too.


It’s been a busy week, so here are just a few of my favorite reads from around the web (with very little commentary!)

Marla Poplova’s piece on Cheryl Strayed’s Advice to an Aspiring Writer on Faith and Humility is a must read for artists and writers. MUST READ. (But language. You have been warned)

Jerry Jones’ article on The Seven Lies of Living Cross Culturally is spot-on. Just spot on. If you’ve lived abroad (or even in a more local, yet cross-cultural, context) – you will nod your way through this entire piece.

Amy Chase’s Let Someone Else Define You: You Suck at It is worth thinking about. We so often have a really skewed view of what we are good or bad at. Working in ministry was one long exercise in faithfully calling out gifts where I saw them, and more often than not people were completely unaware of them. We need the perspectives of those around us to see ourselves clearly. Worth thinking about who we are listening to, and what we are saying to others about themselves, too.

In a similar vein, with a different conclusion though, is Abby Norman’s piece at SheLoves Who is Holding the Pen?, in which she reclaims that – contrary to her high school boyfriend’s opinion that she should leave the jokes to someone else – she actually IS hilarious. (So in other words, reading Amy and Abby together: don’t listen to Everyone on the topic of You. Do listen to Someone, but choose them carefully :-))

This, on Dan Price, the CEO who thinks he’ll live a luxe life living on $70k a year is my FAVORITE NEWS STORY of the week. This guy is awesome. I hope MANY follow his lead.

Hannah Anderson weighed in on the discussion on birth control which has been raging (again), and I really appreciated her perspective: Choosing a Better Way: Rethinking the Rhetoric of Independence in the Birth Control Debate. She writes:

“…(W)e must not mistake the brokenness that surrounds pregnancy—whether maternal health in Malawi or single motherhood in rural Appalachia—as simply a lack of autonomy. In reality, the brokenness more often stems from a lack of community.”

I finished reading Rachel Held Evans’ Searching for Sunday last week: a gorgeously written book with some painfully insights and very thought-provoking points on church, millennials, evangelicalism, the sacraments, and just generally how followers of Jesus can hurt and heal one another. Yet I’d been unable to pinpoint what was niggling at me while reading it. Ben Witherington III’s review – A Searching Book – helped me tremendously. I think Rachel’s book is absolutely worth reading. And so is Ben’s review.

Aubrey Sampson had a fantastic guest post this week with Pinterest Wishes and Overstock Dreams. Hope you read it!

From me? My favorite piece I’ve written in a long time: About the Chutzpah of Crazy Jewish Moms  (on Instagram) and the fascinating and fabulous things it made me wonder about.

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