Pick of the Clicks 4/24/2015

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A few gems for this weekend. Enjoy!

For digestion (in the “solid meat is for the mature” sense of the word): Karen Swallow Prior’s “But Jesus didn’t say…“, on lessons to be learned from Huck Finn and Pride & Prejudice in reading Scripture, and how the ‘red letters’ need to be read through the black letters.

For laughs: The 8 Posts People In Their 40s Write On Facebook, by Rose Maura Lorre. #hilarious #blessed

For loving people better: Nancy Comiskey’s Dear Kate: Living With Grief – a mother’s reflection on grief (and how people handled it, and her) in the ten years since her daughter died.

For learning to receive hard things as gifts: Micha Boyett’s This is Ace, in which she celebrates and introduces her beautiful little boy born with Downs Syndrome. (Welcome, Ace. So many people love you already. You are already changing the world.)

For grappling with unity in diversity: Marlena Graves’ Shared Savior, Split Traditions is a very wise, generous word on different faith traditions and denominations, and why she tries to be generous to Christians who see important things differently.

For anyone who’s ever wished the number on the scale was different: Lisa K’s The ‘After’ Myth, where she has a picture of her “before” weight at 225lbs, and her “after” weight at 120, and talks about what the difference that weight loss does (and doesn’t) make. MUST READ.

For reading People magazine as a way to learn to be courageous and keep it real: Addie Zierman’s The Duggars, Rock Hudson, and the Courage to Change the Narrative is gorgeous and wise and true, and more profound than anything I’ve ever come up with while reading glossy gossipy mags. I am really looking forward to her second book!

There were more things I read, but I lost track. More things I wanted to say, but I forgot. That’s okay. These gems are enough for today.

Thanks for reading, everyone, and happy clicking!

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  2. “Kate’s Story” moved me. I am tucking it away to read again. SO much grace in it and SO much for me to learn as I desire to love better! THANKS!!!

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