Pick of the Clicks (05/22/2015)

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Happy Weekend, and if you’re in the US – Happy Memorial Day Weekend! (speaking of which, I have a piece up at the Huffington Post this week if you’re interested: A Letter To My Children on Memorial Day)

This was my favorite picture of the week:


In this case, you absolutely can judge a book by its cover 🙂

The most important thing to read this week is this, from Ann Voskamp: Into Iraq#2: What the News Isn’t Telling You & Why We Can’t Afford To Pretend It’s Not Happening (Sozan’s Impossible Choice—And Our Very Possible One). Please, please: read this.

And while you have the kleenex out, grab another one for this: Does Your Garden Grow? from Michaela Evanow. Michaela is my editor at the wonderful SheLoves magazine, and wrote this piece of her daughter’s diagnosis with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Between the time of writing, and the time of publishing, little Florence Marigold passed away. Michaela’s reflections on love and grief in the hands of a Sovereign God brought me to my knees. I’m joining hundreds in planting Marigolds this Spring to honor her. #FlorenceMarigoldInBloom.

Anna Jordan’s reflection on motherhood and “having it all”, or “wearing many hats” over at the lovely Coffee and Crumbs blog is one of the best I’ve read: Caps For Sale. SO good.

Jenni Allen’s post Why (I Think ) Everyone should have a counselor is so wise and healthy. I agree with her. Counseling is not for those on the brink of divorce. It’s for all of us who want to live healthier, better lives: maturing and dealing with our “stuff” so that we can grow up and lean in towards the things God has for us.

Heather Caliri wrote a guest post here this week, but the post I want to direct your attention to this week is this: Abusers are people too. In the wake of the news about Josh Duggar, eldest of TLC’s Nineteen and Counting fame, admitting to molesting girls in his teens, there is a fresh wave of grief and outrage at this long-silenced and all too pervasive issue. Heather’s words are SO IMPORTANT in understanding why this is such a tricky topic for us to identify and accept:

Oh, the badness of abusive people isn’t what prevents justice from being served.

It’s their humanity, likability, and their friends.

This, heartbreaking and beautiful piece from Jamie Calloway-Hanauer, in which sobbing and jazz hands can coexist: A Theological (Mis)Treatment of Hello Dolly. This is the week, which comes around every year with its waves of sadness, and in the midst of it – there was such hope and truth in the words of a beloved musical.

These 22 Cartoons of How Smartphones Take Over Our Lives was SO funny, and so convicting. Ouch.

This guy asked the internet for Photoshop help (Can you put the Eiffel Tower under my finger?) The results made me wheeze with laughter.

This was my favorite moment on Twitter this week: a little Presidential exchange…. #hilarious


On the topic of excellence in politics, I so appreciated this post from Juliet Vedral on her experience as a progressive Christian seeking to work with conservative Christians on social justice issues: When We Surveyed The Wondrous Cross:

“…the longer that I am a Christian, the more I am surprised that both political parties continue to court the “faith vote” in general and the evangelical vote in particular. Surveys taking the temperature of these so-called values voters abound, either offering hope or despair to aspirant politicians and their platforms. But Christ’s followers are called to be like him, and a group of people who are ready to divest themselves of power, a group of people whose fundamental value is sacrificial love should be the most dangerous, unpredictable voters out there.”

I LOVED this: 24 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Better About the World. (Especially #24).

Maybe you already saw this, but if you didn’t – this is precious:


From me this week:

My first feature post at iBelieve.com: How to Support a Friend Who Has Been Hurt by the Church.

Over at Ungrind: When Love Looks Like Think Geek and The Big Bang Theory.

On the blog:

Ask Me Anything- Why did God allow both Wives and Concubines?

Why I’m Glad I Broke His Favorite Coffee Mug

That’s all for this week, friends. Happy clicking!


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