Pick of the Clicks (5/30/2015)

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This week my blog turned TWO YEARS OLD! Happy Bloggity Birthday!! Can’t believe it’s been two years since this little post started it all: I had no idea it would lead where it has. Have a piece of cake to celebrate with me, won’t you?


But now, on to the important business of excellent things I READ and wanted to share with you!

Last week I came across two stellar examples of how to disagree well. Would that more of our public discourse took this tone:

First, Derek Rimshawy’s review of Rachel Held Evans’ Searching for Sunday: gracious and so well done.

Second, sisters Elizabeth Corey and Mary Campbell’s Two Sisters, Two View of Gay Marriage.

(and, in the same spirit, let me commend Lesley Sebek Miller’s excellent essay What I Want You To Know About My Gay Neighbors. Really, it’s SO GOOD.)

This comic, from Toby Morris, will forever change the way you look at privilege. Simple, subtle, and a zinger.

Lesa Engelthaler’s article on The Poverty Fighter’s Bible is worth noting: six years after When Helping Hurts was published (on how, in our efforts to alleviate poverty, sometimes the West makes it worse), and we still have so many lessons to learn.

Sarah del Rio’s What Wakes Me From Sleep? It’s Not What You’d Expect was a hilarious read. If you’ve woken up with a kid in your bed, enjoy this.

One of my new favorites on Facebook to follow is Arch20.com, which posts incredible art and architecture. I am usually on the extreme end of the non-artsy side of things, so it is SAYING SOMETHING that this caught my attention. I particularly love this collection of 25 of the most creative statues and scuptures from around the world. This was one of my favorites:

breaking free

Video this week is from SuzelleDIY, a real little slice of South African spoof. Tim Noakes, the guest on this show, is a famous South African Sports Nutritionist and advocate of a whole3-/paleo type diet with zero carbs and high protein and fat. I have a few family members who follow this diet, so this made this extra funny: how to make a pizza using cauliflower (“instead of regular flower”, says Suzette):

On the blog:

What Should You Pay The Speaker At Your Women’s Ministry Event? – I was amazed by how widely this was read. What a hot topic!

I also shared an old post from the Ask Me Anything series: on Grace and The Flake, where a reader asked how they should respond if someone keeps flaking on their commitments. Does “grace abound”, or should we insist that people let their “yes” be “yes”?

What caught your attention online this week? I’d love to hear what you saw, and loved!

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4 thoughts on “Pick of the Clicks (5/30/2015)”

  1. Has it been 2 years already? Why, I remember when it was a mere newborn blog. Aah, memories.

    And that Suzelle video is a hoot. I love the “set-up” at the end.

  2. Thanks for including my amazing guest post by Sarah! She is so funny! That post is up for an award in my Best of the Guest Blog Awards (which end June 1) I hope you gave it a vote while you were over there!! Thanks again!

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