The Post-It Note That Called The Stork

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I have a guest post this week over at Lindsey Smallwood’s Songbird and a Nerd blog: a very personal story about that time when I felt ready to have children, but my husband didn’t. I get butterflies just remembering this… 


There comes a time in marriage when you just can’t talk about a thing any more. You need to say your piece, and then leave it in peace.

This is how it was for us on the topic of when to have children. In the newness and chaos of our first year of marriage, we had made a decision to delay: at least until he was finished grad school. But as grad school dragged on, I became more and more persuaded that the reasons underlying our delay were not faith and wisdom, but fear and selfishness: How would we afford it? Would we ever get to travel again? Would we even like children? After all, they come with a strict no-returns policy.

I bundled all my reasons and wrapped them up with a g(u)ilted bow: “If we say that children are a blessing,” I wheedled, “then why do we live as if they wouldn’t be?”

(Click over and read the rest here…)

Thanks to Lindsey for her invitation and her hospitality. Oh, and remember Lindsey wrote a guest post for me? You can find it here…. and more thoughts on that whole pros-and-cons of kids thing here

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  3. The pill is an abortion pill. It doesn’t stop Concception. It blocks the baby from attaching itself to the mother.

    1. Support

      Thanks for your concern. Not all ocp’s are abortifacients. We were very concerned about that, too, and researched our options very carefully.

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