Pick of the Clicks 06/20/2015

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Hello, hello! Just a few this week, but great ones. Can I point your attention to….

…This interview with Andy Crouch (by Joshua Rogers) is one of the pithiest and most helpful nuggets I’ve come across. 5 short questions on responding to the supreme court’s decision on gay marriage, social media engagement and on the issue of singleness: SOLID GOLD, especially his comments on taking the long view on where the discussions of male/female are heading in our culture’s narrative arc. Just a snippet to tempt you:

I think one of the most urgent tasks for the church is the evangelism and discipleship of men, helping them see how Christ can use and transform their inclinations toward competition, achievement, and the protection of the vulnerable. The key to changing the current patterns is to unapologetically call men to greater risk and sacrifice, including what is in many ways the greatest risk and sacrifice a man can make, binding oneself to one woman in marriage.

Frankly, given the disparities of available men and women in the church, I don’t think many men should question whether they have a “calling” to singleness or to marriage — I think that barring clear guidance otherwise from God and your community, you should assume that you are called to marriage and fatherhood and proceed as quickly as possible in that direction. And for God’s sake, stop playing video games. Spend that time getting to know a real woman instead.

…This, from Osheta Moore: What I Need You to Say In Response to the Shooting in Charleston. (which prompted me to write a letter I’ve been simmering for too long too: from a white south african to white americans)

…Meme of the week goes to Brenè Brown:


… Say what you like about Jon Stewart, but HE GETS IT. This is him, not funny, being deadly serious:

…This made my hair stand up on end: My Child’s Photo was Used in an Offensive Corporate Campaign. (and it prompted me to write this: why I said no to prenatal testing.)

…I just LOVED this: A Valedictorian Anonymously Posted Kind Words About Classmates on Instagram For Nearly a Year. WOW. What a quiet way to change your entire school.

…Double honors to Maria Guido, the newest member over at Scary Mommy, for two amazing pieces: First, This is What Happens When You Put a Preschool in a Nursing Home, and also Stunning Photos Showing Moms are So Much More Than Their Bodies. YESSS!!!

…This was hilarious: 21 Actual Analogies Used by High School Students in English Essays.

…And this: this made me WHEEZE with laughter. I nearly woke up the kids: Geraldine deRuiter with I Went Paleo And Now I Hate Everything.

…Now here is something marvelous: when you add a Noir Filter and a Joy Division soundtrack, it’s AMAZING what happens to Teletubbies (Brilliant work, Christopher G Brown):

…This was such fun: Arnold Schwarzenegger playing pranks on people at Madame Tussauds (for charity):

That’s all for this week, folks. Happy clicking, and as always – leave suggestions in the comments if you found something worth reading!

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5 thoughts on “Pick of the Clicks 06/20/2015”

    1. WordPress.com Support

      Me too. You have to have earned a voice to speak so plainly… I really appreciate him!

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  2. What the Civil War was about the Tenth Amendment. Slavery was the excuse. Read biographies of the big names of the South. One of Robert E Lee s relatives signed the Declaration of Independence

  3. Sharon Dyason

    Hello Bronwyn, I so enjoyed your letter, I am English and came to live in Fish Hoek Cape Town in 1984, quite a hectic time politically as you may remember. Although I had travelled to many parts of the world Southern Africa was so unique, I thought I was not racially adverse person, and even now am more geared to the individual, and do have a number of black African friends. things are not in a good place here in SA and it is so sad, but it is nota black and white situation, more of who has and who has not. Though farmers are still being murdered and there is rant lawlessness, I have never been fearful living here, but now I am. I do hope you can make a difference there, and send my blessing

    Very sincerely
    Sharon Dyason

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