Pick of the Clicks (07/03/2015)

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Happy July, friends! Here are a few laugh-inciting and/or thought-provoking links for your enjoyment.

Made me laugh:


I linked to the first two in the Ask Me Anything question this week (How Should I Respond if I Disagree with the SCOTUS decision?): excellent reads from Ed Cyzewski on The Supreme Court Just Gave American Evangelicals A Gift, and from Karen Swallow Prior on Gay Marriage, Abortion, and The Bigger Picture.

Fascinating:  37 maps that explain how America is a nation of immigrants. Here’s #20 (a flowchart more than a map, but still..) it explains brilliantly what I was trying to say about the challenges of immigration:

By Mike Flynn and Shikhah Dalmia

I loved Amy Poehler and Seth Haines’ defense of women’s sports. Watch this. Really.

Amy Julia Becker has some questions for Jesus: Don’t You Care if We Drown? Loved this.

This was funny from Alexandra Petri: Every state flag is wrong, and here’s why.

I think Lesley Miller and I had the same baby: the hardest baby ever. If motherhood has pushed you to the edge, bask in these words of comfort. (and if you know someone who’s flailing… here are some things to say, and not to say)

From me: I had a post up at Hermeneutics this week on what childbirth taught me about trusting my body (and trusting God!), and then got a chance to be interviewed on the radio about that, too! Links to both the podcast and the article are here.

And finally, a little spoof of the upcoming Magic Mike XXL. I present to you: Regular Mike M/L, and really – he’s the guy we’re dreaming of….


That’s all from me for this week. Please feel free to share all/any things you found that were special on the interwebz!


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  2. America and Mexico both started out as Indians, European colonists and slaves. Immigrants came later. Try explaining to American Black that they are an immigrant. Seeing this has a huge impact on how you look at politics, national identity and immigration. It is also true.

    1. I am not sure I understand your point here. And I do think there is a vast difference between immigration and slavery: the former implies a volitional move. The latter is entirely without consent… And as in many things, the existence or absence of consent makes a huge difference.

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