Pick of the Clicks 08/22/2015

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Pick of the Clicks (Late Night Edition)

What have you been reading this week? Here are some gems that I’ve had sitting open on my laptop to send your way… enjoy 🙂

The Ashley Madison scandal broke this week (ugh. just ugh.) Tim Challies’ words on this are particularly salient for us all: Ashley Madison and Who You Are Online:

One of the great deceptions of the Internet is that it allows us to think there are two parts to us, the part who exists in real time and space, and the part who exists in cyberspace. But events like this ought to make us realize that when you go online you display and expose who and what you really are.

He asks a salient question: if someone could see ALL your search histories, what would they know about you? And to think: one day all the hidden thoughts of our hearts WILL, in fact, be known. But for Jesus who forgives all things, this is a terrifying thought (and even with Jesus who forgives all things, it is a sobering one.) Read Challies’ essay.

This was excellent and is so worth your time and thought: John Pattison on Churches, Covenants and Hard Conversations.

We can create a culture of rich dialogue, even around our disagreements. We can cultivate community conversations marked by gracious space and spacious grace.

I LOVE that: gracious space and spacious grace.

Joel Lovell’s essay on The Late, Great Stephen Colbert is magnificent journalism and captures some of Colbert’s most profound thoughts on suffering, comedy, faith, and gratitude. SO GOOD.

“He lifted his arms as if to take in the office, the people working and laughing outside his door, the city and the sky, all of it. “And the world,” he said. “It’s so…lovely. I’m very grateful to be alive, even though I know a lot of dead people.” The urge to be grateful, he said, is not a function of his faith. It’s not “the Gospel tells us” and therefore we give thanks. It is what he has always felt: grateful to be alive. “And so that act, that impulse to be grateful, wants an object. That object I call God. Now, that could be many things. I was raised in a Catholic tradition. I’ll start there. That’s my context for my existence, is that I am here to know God, love God, serve God, that we might be happy with each other in this world and with Him in the next—the catechism. That makes a lot of sense to me.”

This American Life’s podcast of three weeks ago, The Problem We All Live With, was one of the best, the most heartbreaking, and the most disturbing I’ve listened to. Sharon Hodde Miller’s essay in response: The Question No Parent Wants to Ask is excellent and soul-searching. All of us who debate what kind of neighborhoods we want to live in, and where we want to send our kids to school (having a choice itself being a stunning indicator of privilege) need to have a think about this.

Just WOW to this reporting from Max Linderman: “Jewish Schindler” Working to Liberate ISIS Sex Slaves.

This was magnificent: 56 delightful Victorian slang terms you should be using.

And this: 9 Words About Reading Every Book Nerd Needs to Know (because Bibliophile just isn’t enough).

Food for thought (a winner in Her.meneutics Summer Writing competition) from Dr Jessica Lilley: Our Plates Runneth Over – excellent words of challenge that our churches need to talk about food, and obesity, with more honesty and wisdom.

This was disturbingly and hilariously on-the-money: Heidi Priebe’s What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Is Like As a Friend. (I’m an ENTJ, and my friend Aleah just about snorted her drink when she read the description. It’s THAT accurate.)

Holly Grantham’s essay The Slow Work of Grief is painfully, beautifully wrought. If you have grieved, or are walking along someone who is… savor this.

And oh my word: it is so important we read hard-to-read words like those from Ezekiel Kweku in Slow Poison. Because otherwise we just wouldn’t have a clue. He writes: “even if the police don’t kill me, a lifetime of preparing for them to just might…”

From me:

Over at SheLoves magazine – a letter to the one who (feels she) is failing. I wrote this piece over a month ago and was surprised to read it again this week… and really humbled by how it resonated with so many people. We are all broken, you know, and all in need of such deep encouragement.

And on the blog: from “I’m bored” to “Look what I made!”… three thoughts on things our kids need to spark creativity (and one thing they definitely don’t need).

That’s all from me this week friends. Enjoy.

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  2. jacquelinegwallace

    Bronwyn, thanks for this interesting list. I plan to go through more in depth later, but wanted to let you know I’ve read one article I will share it with my granddaughter (a budding writer) who needs to see a new perspective on grief. Thanks again.

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