On Lists of Things That Women Cannot Do (The Problem with John Piper… and Me)

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file4171276032990I have a post up at the Pass the Saltshaker blog which is really very uncomfortable for me. My friend Adriel Booker asked for my thoughts on John Piper’s latest podcast, in which he answers the question “Can a woman be a police officer?” I REALLY didn’t like his answer…. but in thinking about why, it raises some very disquieting questions.

Click over here to read the post, and keep a lookout for the response posts from the other SaltShaker bloggers in the days to come. I am eagerly awaiting hearing the discussion that follows.

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2 thoughts on “On Lists of Things That Women Cannot Do (The Problem with John Piper… and Me)”

  1. The discussion about how Scripture addresses men and women differently is worth having. But why are we still letting men like Piper lead those discussions? He’s discredited himself over and over again with blatantly ignorant, misogynistic, and cruel rhetoric in his so-called “preaching.” We need to stop giving him a platform already.

  2. As a “soft complementarian,” I’m getting increasingly uncomfortable with the dialogue too. I think my own cognitive dissonance arose when a question popped into my head last year: “As a 35-year-old single woman, how does this even work for me? I have no one to complement. So what’s the point?” It’s made me look long and hard at what’s biblical vs what’s extra-biblical/cultural. I’m still wrestling through this question. I don’t “fit” in the typical complementarian camp, but I can’t fully embrace what I read online from egalitarians either. The questions you posed are good ones, Bronwyn. I’m looking forward to more of this discussion on Pass the Salt Shaker.

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