Pick of the Clicks 08/29/2015

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Hello, blog friends and readers. Here is your line up of click-worthy stuff from the internet this week.

First, my favorite images of the week. This meme:


And this, from a real PTA in the mid-west:


This is outstanding from Alex Duke: Amy Winehouse and How to Watch Movies as a Christian.

This is sobering, from Florence is Dead: The Diet Coke incident – A mass exodus of bedside nurses.

This is horrifying (HOW CAN IT BE THAT PEOPLE ARE LISTENING TO DONALD TRUMP?): Matt Soerens with Trumped-Up Charges (Who’s defining your church’s attitude towards immigrants?). You know I care about immigration, so this was truly bone-chilling to me.

This is eye-opening and so helpful from Jen Pollock Michel: God Does Help Those Who Help Themselves – taking a look at better ways to engage those in poverty.

This is heartbreaking and so important: A wife’s personal story: Let’s talk about what “extramarital affairs” really look like. This is a hard read… but important. Let’s not be flippant when talking about “broken covenants”, and miss the broken people, and broken lives, and broken families that these situations involve.

I LOVED this short, profound mom’s prayer for her daughter: Hope for the Gutsy Girl, from Chara Donahue.

And who doesn’t want these kinds of friendships? Dorothy Greco with rituals: 88 meals & the meaning of friendship.

I enjoyed this: 20 most profound things people thought of in the shower (how do they know this, anyway?) I particularly loved #6.

From me this week:

Let’s Talk About 20 Weeks – because when it comes to pregnancy, perspective is everything.

And, over at the Saltshaker blog, On Lists of Things That Women Cannot Do: The Problem with John Piper (and Me).

And, I shared a cautionary tale about how potty breaks can lead to pet ownership… (consider yourself duly warned.)

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