Pick of the Clicks – Labor Day Edition

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Confession: I just cannot, cannot read about the refugee crisis right now. My heart and mind cannot cope with pictures of three-year old children washed up on beaches. I know without reading the details what this crisis is about, and I’m clawing my way towards a response that is more than a wail. I have bookmarks on pieces I want to read… I’ll get there. But none of them are included this week – not because they’re not important (they’re probably the most important), but because I haven’t read them yet.

In the midst of it, though, I loved this: at our very heart, our disposition needs to be one of generosity and welcome.


Of the things I did get to read though, here are some gems:

Kerry Koenig’s It’s just “normal” is a powerful reflection on a little conversation with her daughter-in-law which profoundly opened her eyes. WORTH READING.

I loved this gentle, hopeful piece from Megan Evans Hill: The Moment Every Pastor’s Wife is Waiting For.

Three cheers to John Pavolovitz for What Church People Really Need To Know About The Once-Churched.

They are still people of great depth and character and substance and yes, even faith. They are still wonderfully attentive parents, devoted friends, loving spouses, amazing co-workers, helpful neighbors. They are still responsible and compassionate and loving, and so much of what you treasured and knew to be true about them then, is still true today. They are simply not comfortable in the space you find yourself. They are not misfits, but they most surely no longer fit.

And it’s important that you remember all of this; that you find a softness in your response to them.

This, from Leslie Kendall Dye, is one of the most moving essays I’ve read in a long time. A stunning, heart-wrenching, simple, beautiful account of her last moments of reflection with her mom (who was a young actress alongside Bill Cosby and had some things to say about that, if you need a tantalus): Never Give Up.

This post from Christine Organ is not what you think it is: To The Teenage Girls at the Swimming Pool. It has nothing to do with modesty or swim wear. It’s wonderful.

I share this one tongue-in-cheek, but this piece from The Onion makes a startling point: Gay Teen Worried He Might Be Christian.

I appreciated this piece from Krish Kandiah: 5 Reasons I Don’t Want John Piper Giving My Daughter Career Advice. His point on #3 is still making me think.

Boz Tchividjian’s article False narratives of Christian leaders caught in abuse is a really insightful, important read. Because when people cry “abuse”… THIS is what happens and we would respond SO much better if we could identify the patterns.

And Blueperk’s analysis of 5 Pricing Tactics You Always Fall For is fascinating. As in, even if you’re an expert in pricing, you are still more likely to buy an item if there’s a much more expensive item listed next to it. 

From me:

Cool! My What I Want You To Know About Immigration post was featured on Rage Against the Minivan: a blog I LOVE and admire! Kristen Howerton’s “what I want you to know” series is so fantastic: just one of the many reasons to follow it.

On the blog: My latest obsession (a friend who milked a sheep for me)… you know it’s an unusual day on my blog when I post a RECIPE. For real.

Also on the blog: my review of the book I really, really didn’t want to read. With 100,000 screaming fans, I don’t know that Jen Hatmaker needed another review of her best-seller-from-the-first-day book “For the Love”, but I wrote one anyway 🙂

That’s all for this week, friends. Happy clicking!

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  2. Just remember, no Muslim country is taking refugees. The Saudis are considering them cannon fodder to islamicize Europe and America. The best thing we can do is convert them while they are vulnerable and in need. Now is the time to do it.

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