Pick of the Clicks 09/14/2015

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Bronlea Pick of the Clicks

By a long shot, this is my read of the week: Marilynn Robinson’s essay entitled Fear, on America, Christianity and kalashnikovs:

…(M)y thesis is always the same, and it is very simply stated, though it has two parts: first, contemporary America is full of fear. And second, fear is not a Christian habit of mind.”


“When Christians abandon Christian standards of behavior in the defense of Christianity, when Americans abandon American standards of conduct in the name of America, they inflict harm that would not be in the power of any enemy.”

This, too, made for fascinating reading: Laura Turner with Good Wife: How the Cult of Domesticity Still Reigns in the 21st Century.

Very thought-provoking: Jesse Carey’s What the Massive Appeal of Taylor Swift Says About the Church (I would have titled it, what the Church Can Learn from Taylor Swift…)

This wins the prize for the best blog post title I’ve ever read: Top 6 Wines That Pair With Your Child’s Crappy Behavior. All the kudos to Jenn the Rambling Redhead.

Incredibly encouraging: The Myth of Mediocrity from Jen Underwood:

“…in trying to imitate someone else’s gift, or in failing to pursue the unique ways in which God has gifted us (though it may be far less in scope and greatness than others), we “create” a lack. We “live” out and perpetuate the Fall. We in essence say, God is not purposeful and good. He plays favorites, and the amount of His love can be measured based on the ways He has gifted us.

And this, from Michaela Evanow, is deeply wise and beautiful: we are not superheroes: the reality of parenting a medically fragile child.

I loved this picture of hope from even the most struggling marriage from Sheli Massie: Bob Dylan and Birkenstocks: When you love somebody else.

This was my favorite 5 minutes of the week: laughing at this awful magnificent collection of puns from the Journalister. My favorite: “It’s hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs because they always take things literally.”

Two clicks worth your time on the refugee crisis:

First, this photo essay by Pablo Pellegrin and Scott Anderson: Desperate Crossing.

And then, breaking it down in excellent and condensed plainspeak: John Green on Understanding the Syrian Refugee Crisis:

From me:

My first article at RELEVANT for a while: a look at the healthy things that can come out of listening to anger, jealousy and disappointment: Why Bad Feelings Can Be Good For You.

And then – I had the privilege of speaking at CPC Danville last week, and they put the video of it online. If you have ever felt that Jesus’ words “be perfect” placed a lot of pressure on you, this talk is for you… on God’s intention that we ‘travel light’. You can view the video here.

And on the blog: When God Hears Prayers in the Kenyan Dust, by my friend Loki Swanepoel, with the amazing pictures you’ve ever seen on this little blog.



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5 thoughts on “Pick of the Clicks 09/14/2015”

    1. I hadn’t planned to do a PoC this week, but my tabs were BRIMMING with goodness and I just needed to share!

  1. I heard Marilyn Robinson talk on that topic back in 2012 at the Calvin Conference on Faith and Writing, and it blew my mind. She had some great lines on how Christians need to stop hiding out in bomb-shelters assuming everyone is out to blow them up, and instead engage in love with people (and if you get blown up, who cares?) Thanks for this link!

    1. WHAAAATTT? I would have LOVED to hear this talk! But I didn’t even know FFW existed in 2012. I’m hoping to be there in 2016… here’s holding thumbs that the wonderful Ms Robinson might be back.

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