Pick of the Clicks 09/18/2015

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Hello and happy weekend! Here’s a roundup of my favorite things from online this week. Enjoy.

This, from American Mensa, on the entomology of the word “acyrologia” (and ‘social morays’ was probably my favourite here 🙂 )



Following the Ahmed debacle, this was my FAVORITE:


This week was the US Constitution’s birthday. I appreciated Tim Fall’s reflection on this: America is not a Christian nation – Happy Constitution Day!

The United States is not now and never has been a Christian nation.

How do I know? Because the founding document that provides the framework for all laws, rules and regulations ever passed by the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government nowhere mentions Christianity.

It doesn’t mention God. Not even once.

This is the best thing I have ever read on the #whole30 trend, from the inimitable D.L. Mayfield: Whole as Whole Can Be: Dieting While Loving Ourselves and Our Neighbor. SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT HERE. And written so honestly and simply:

At night, after both of my children are in bed, I start to eat funfetti frosting, straight out of the can.

Brilliant: This graphic explains 20 cognitive biases that affect your decision making. This absolutely makes me question the notion of “free choice”.

I am learning so much from following Kate James as she writes through her experience with breast cancer. She is funny, winsome and wise. I loved this post: My Body, Your Body

It’s interesting and unexpected that what I’m learning most in this whole breast cancer thing is, not only that my Father in Heaven loves me more than I thought, but in tandem with this reality, how deeply embedded my own sin is – wait, lets not even use the term ‘sin’. That’s too innocuous, let’s call it what it is: jealousy, hate, selfishness, vanity, and my all around solipsistic tendencies. Turns out they go hand in hand, God’s love and my sin. (Eureka!) This is the crazy-maker of the Christian life. As I understand the weight of my sin, I understand the weight of God’s glory and love.

So I’m getting pruned. Metaphorically pruned. Breasts chopped off and Frankenstein stumps in their place. And perhaps my ovaries shall get the axe as well. It hurts but all’s good. I don’t always feel like it’s good, but it is.

Fascinating: from Carl Zimmer – A Pregnancy Souvenir: Cells That Are Not Your Own. (scientific proof that you ALWAYS carry your children with you no matter how big they get!)

In a similar vein to my Three Words post this week, I loved this from Christine Cook: The Pictures are Pretty, but the Struggle is Real. Beautiful words and deep truth here.

Finally, I’ve been binge listening to Shane Blackshear’s Seminary Dropout Podcast this week. He has great questions and really fascinating guests. This week I listened to his interviews with Jen Hatmaker, Lisa Harper, NT Wright, and thought the interviews with Jackie Roese (Episode 99 incl. what’s really important about men and women from the story of the Garden of Eden) and Efrem Smith , Episode 98 on the theology and practice of multicultural and multiracial ministry) were particularly excellent.

From me:

New post up today at SheLoves magazine, about learning to rest in the safe, deep, arms of God: Deep in the Bosom of God.

On the blog: an “Ask me anything” question: What if God is silent when I’ve been asking for direction? (speaking of which: got a question? Send it my way here…)

On the blog: Three Words to Sum up Everything. (with pictures from our family road trip!)

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  1. Articles of Confederation mentions God, not well, but it does call upon His Blessing. The Articles was America’s first Constitution. We get the name officially United States of America from Article One.

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