Pick of the Clicks 09/25/2015

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SO MUCH GOOD STUFF OUT THERE! Here are some of my favorites are:

Pictures from FB I loved:

This church’s sense of humor.


And this Father’s beautiful appropriation of hope:

In the written world, if you read nothing else this week, read this from Sarah Bessey: the sanitized stories we tell. This is easily my favorite thing she has ever written (and that’s saying something), but more than that this is so important for us to know.

My friend Aubrey Sampson guest posted on Ann Voskamp’s blog this week, with how to find hope on the other side of shame. Friends, you need to read this one. Really.

Also, if you didn’t listen to the Pope’s address to congress this week, here is the transcript. I loved how he appealed to our better nature, our heroes, and the things we are grateful for in our own lives as a basis for “do unto others as you would have done unto you” compassion, especially w.r.t. poverty and immigration. Go, Pope!

My Mom sent me this and it is fabulous: 13 Helpful Phrases You Can Say To Calm an Anxious Child.

Then I read two things this week which both gave me chills – but they were polar opposites of the worst of oppression and the most incredible freedom for women:

  • an untitled poem about one woman’s experience from age 6. It is chilling. I wept. And yet this happens and we should know.
  • but on the other hand, this manifesto from Kelly Delp, on the legacy of freedom she got from her parents: as a woman and as an daughter of Christ empowered to minister the gospel: they named me bold.

Both really are worth reading.

Hilarious this week:

This was my favorite thing from Humans of New York: one teacher on why he hates pot: “people say pot makes you more creative, but from what I’ve seen, it narrows my student’s minds…” Read the whole thing.

From me?

On the blog: I was surprised by the response to this one (thank you!): The Problem of Invisible Resistance.

Then, something new – I got to stand in at RELEVANT magazine for their advice columnist… like an “ask me anything”, but with a twist! Why Is My Husband Being Asked To Help In The Church And Not Me?

IMG_6336And then, by far the most squeal-worthy exciting thing that IMG_6335happened this morning was to receive a copy of the new NIV Bible for Women, and name in it!!! I am still so stunned to have been able to contribute a handful of devotions to this volume… so here’s the “click” to check it out on Amazon 🙂 Look! see my


Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy all the great reads out there!

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7 thoughts on “Pick of the Clicks 09/25/2015”

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  2. Congrats on having your work in the new NIV women’s bible!! I can’t imagine how surreal that feels. 🙂 Love your picks, as always. Thanks for helping me find the best since I rarely bother reading anything otherwise. You are a gem and this mom/writer is watching how you do it. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Natalie! It really feels like such an honor (rather than an accomplishment) – it was a GIFT to be invited. Love to you.

  3. The pope is wrong. We have no better nature. That is why we need a savior who does have a better nature. Are you sure this guy is even bathed in The Blood of the Lamb?

    1. I don’t know that we need to pontificate (ha! pun alert!) about the salvation of the Pope in order to appreciate what he said. All truth is God’s truth, and just as we can see beauty in art made by Michelangelo, or discern profound insight about the human condition in novels written by people who are not believers, so too we should be capable of acknowledging truth wherever we see it. I understand total depravity not to mean that we are as bad as we possibly can be, but rather that every faculty we have (emotion/body/volition/reason) are all tainted and affected by sin. While we are deeply affected by sin, we remain made in God’s image, and to recognize that and appeal to His fingerprints as seen in all people having a latent sense of justice and truth is, I think, entirely consistent with what the Scripture teaches.

  4. I did a little research. It is worth noting that the poem of sexual abuse is posted in an Asian Indian blog.

    1. Yes, it is (and is one of the reasons I am proud to be a supporter of IJM and A21 who work to stop trafficking overseas, as well as Courage Worldwide who work to stop trafficking here where I live in the States: abuse and exploitation like that happens all over the world and we should fight it wherever!) So yes, that one was from India, and Kelly Delp’s article (on the other end of the continuum about freedom and boldness in Christ) is written by a church-planter in France. One of the things I love about the internet is being able to share and learn from people all over the world!

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