Pick of the Clicks 10/02/2015

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Hello and happy weekend! It’s been a flurry of a week on our side, but not so busy that there wasn’t time for some quality reading. Here are some of the best I saw this week:

This (free) downloadable poster from some secrets is a FANTASTIC resource for homes/classrooms/any space where kids are. Print one and spread the word:


Also on the topic of how we treat (and talk about) bodies, this EXCELLENT piece from Karen Swallow Prior is well worth a read: Pastors, Power, and Prettiness.

The larger issue—the theology of the body, of beauty, of creation, of male and female—is one that needs more attention from the church, not less. So let’s dig in to these concerns, instead of shying away from a conversation about appearance that might make us feel vulnerable or even uncomfortable. Let us—especially as women—think about the compliments we give, receive, and crave.

And in line with that, Sarah Powers’ The Best Way To Compliment Little Girls is stellar. I would like to speak to all little girls like this, and would love people to speak with my daughter in the same way.

Breathtaking from D.L. Mayfield (in the wake of the Umpqua shootings, and so, so much more): About Guns.

It doesn’t matter that it isn’t good for us, it doesn’t matter that it is the most vulnerable that pay the highest price. We have rights, is the thing. And besides, it probably won’t ever happen again.

Good, sturdy stuff from Christie Elkes: I am Tired of Complaining About My Children (and the importance of really hearing people when they say nice things about you and your kids!)

Best title this week (and a great essay): Sins of emission: playing my part in the Volkswagen scandal by Erica Schemper.

Great thoughts from Dorcas Cheng-Tozun: Can One Marriage Support Two Callings? This is an increasingly important question as couples figure out how best to love and champion one another’s gifts: as Dorcas writes, “one flesh doesn’t necessarily mean one calling”.

This was a powerful read from Jessica Harris: Hope and Healing for the Sexually Broken. Unless we are willing to hear about the deepest and darkest of people’s struggles and hold them with compassion, we cannot walk alongside them into hope.

This was really touching: A Photographer Grants This Family a Wish for a Complete Family Photo.

And this video was so beautiful I cried big, splashy, drippy joy tears all over my computer: This is what it looks like when people truly hear for the first time.

From me:

Writing about grace and crow-poop. Yes, I know: it’s bizarre. But it was a thrill to write over at Heather Caliri’s lovely blog: Finding Grace as the Crow Flies

Up at the Huffington Post Religion Blog: The Problem of Invisible Resistance. (I was a little surprised they ran this piece given its overtly Christian content, but I was so grateful they did and hope it encourages many. thanks to those who shared it!)

On the Blog, a piece I really loved writing: Of Baseball, Sesame Street, and the Surprisingly Complex Business of Non-Americans Raising American Kids.

Thanks for reading, friends. And as always, let me know in the comments (here, or on my FB page) if you thought there was something stellar online that you’d like to share!

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