Pick of the Clicks 10/10/15

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Bronlea Pick of the Clicks

Hello hello!

Just a few wonderful things I’ve been collecting for you this week before I sneak away for a writer’s retreat with some Redbud gals: I’m so excited! But I couldn’t go without leaving you some clicks from which to pick. Enjoy!

Just to switch things up, here are some things from me around the web this week:

Over at RELEVANT magazine, What Sexuality Looks Like If You’re Single. I’ve been frustrated for some time by the relative lack of any discussion about what it means to be sexual person (we are male and female LONG before we are ever husbands and wives… and yet most Christian discussion on sexuality is limited to discussion on 1. genital contact, and it being limited to 2. marriage. But SURELY there is more to it than that! So, having read a very helpful few things on the matter, I wrote on it. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts…)

And, while thinking about all things male and female, I read TWO books: one addressed to men (Nate Pyle’s Man Enough) and one addressed to women (Hannah Anderson’s Made For More), and then I wrote about it for Christianity Today: How the Other Half Reads: What I Learned From a Book on Manhood. (To be honest, I was a little surprised at what I realized as I was processing this! Again, curious to hear your thoughts)

And then up at SheLoves: on why I don’t believe in the power of prayer: Praying to the One Who Can: “the world’s most beautifully crafted prayer is but a breath unless it is asked of the One Who Can.”

On the blog:  Sunsets and lilies and beards: on finding peace when marriage is hard. I wrote this in response to a post from Lore Wilbert (on “settling” in singleness), and it generated some really good conversation. I’m thankful.

From elsewhere on the web, here are things I thought were excellent:

Tim Fall’s slam dunk post: Silencing Women – the guaranteed way for men to stay in control.

Lindsey Smallwood’s reflections on the time she was a victim of gun violence, and how that played out in the yeas afterwards: Just Like Riding A Bike.

Alexandra Petri’s brilliant post on the ridiculousness of social media: Thank you for reading. Please, for the love of all that is holy, help me build my personal brand.

Many people are taking the time to acknowledge those who have lost children by miscarriage this month (here’s out story). These pregnancy loss cards, by Jessica Zucker, have some good words for situations like that. Even if you wouldn’t want to send a card, just reading their text gives some good scope for knowing what might be appropriate to say (or not).

Very helpful and thought provoking read from Michelle Acker Perez: Why I teach my 2-year-old about race.

I had NEVER noticed this before: that Ariel (The Little Mermaid) gave her voice away to be more attractive to a man. Seriously: Adulthood is just one long process of deconstructing Disney damage (maybe I should write about this?) Loved this piece from Ashley Hales on finding her voice: Don’t Give Your Voice Away.

And then, this made me laugh harder than just about anything this week:


I didn’t get much other change to read this week. Did you see something you thought was excellent? IF you did, please share a link to it in the comments below or on my Facebook page!

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2 thoughts on “Pick of the Clicks 10/10/15”

  1. That list of britishisms reminds of studying in England. I had a conversational level of understanding the language after a year there.

    Thanks for the link to my post on women too. It seems to have resonated with readers, that’s for sure.

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