Pick of the Clicks 10/30/2015

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Hear ye! Hear ye! This is the last Pick of the Clicks for a while, so enjoy this lineup, and read on for what’s happening in November 🙂

Pick of the Clicks 10/30

This, from Sharon Holbrook, is just FANTASTIC, since I myself feel the urge-to-purge and live among others who do, too: The art of magically tidying your house (with kids). So funny. Even if you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, you may appreciate this:

Meet the children at the door upon their return. Inform them that there is a new rule: They may stay in the house as long as they “spark joy.”

From Richard Beck, this is well worth your time: Experimental Theology: Emotional Intelligence and Sola Scriptura. For ANYONE who wants to understand Scripture, how self-aware are you of the filters you bring to that process?

I once quipped at a conference that a fundamentalist is a person who thinks he doesn’t have a hermeneutic.

I don’t want to rehash that point as it’s a point that has been made many, many times. We all have a hermeneutic. We are all interpreting the text to some degree. We are all privileging–deferring to–certain values, doctrines, creedal commitments, traditions, or biblical texts. Something somewhere is trumping something else.

Zadie Smith’s 10 Rules of Writing is fabulous: “Resign yourself to a life of sadness that comes from never being satisfied.”

I have long-thought that Judges 19 is the most distressing story in all the Bible. I also wondered why it might be there, and if it would ever be relevant. It is. This took my breath away: This is Your Wake-Up Call (from Betsy Childs Howard.)

Also spine-chilling, and yet amazing to hear a story of SUCH suffering, and where God was in that: Tammy Perlmutter with God at the Edges.

The dad would come in and sit on the edge of my bed. He would rub my back. Until it wasn’t my back anymore.
That shattering was violent.

This made me smile: You gotta love living in Albuquerque, from Elizabeth Dillow. It’s a little story of following a Hot Air Balloon as it made a random stop flying over their neighborhood: a silver lining in a week of heavy, hard news.

Loved this from Jen Pollock Michel on a faith that is both beautiful as well as true: The Greatest Truest Fairy Tale of All.

This is SO wise: 8 Things to Remember When Everything Is Going Wrong. If I (if we all) could get a better grip on this, we would be so much healthier (Marc Chernoff)

What we’ve been watching? Miranda on Hulu (British comedy starring Miranda Hart, of “Chummy” in Call the Midwife fame; it is slapstick and endearing); and Jane the Virgin on Netflix (which asks some really great questions about dating, sex and marriage; and is a riot of a spoof on Spanish Telenovelas at the same time).

Also, this week I was introduced to the marvel that is unroll.me: an app that links to your mail. It’s like a mailing list genie: it identifies ALL the mailing lists you’re on and allows you to 1) keep getting the emails, 2) unsubscribe, or 3) compile all mails into one daily update that you can quickly scan to see if there’s something you need. I’ve had it for two days and I already feel like I’m making fifty less clicks a day in dealing with email, and there are SO many less distractions!

This was adorable: cuddling with a baby elephant 🙂

From me this week: something very, very hard for me to write. Because marriage is so good, and yet so hard (and it can be so hard, and yet good, to talk about it) – a guest post over at Elisabeth Klein’s blog – Speaking about Unspeakable Things.

“Are you willing to write about marriage? Especially when it gets hard?”

This is what Elisabeth’s message to me said.

Of course, she asked because her readers are among those hurting in their marriages, and we need to know we are not alone. And she asks me because I have written about my own struggles in marriage before.

And yet, preparing to write this has been incredibly difficult. Because somehow it feels that, unless your marriage is actually over and you are walking away (or being left behind), that to share openly about specific hurts is somehow a betrayal. A squishing of hope. A calcification of discontent.

… (You can read the rest here.)

In other news: this is the last Pick of the Clicks for a couple of weeks, but instead of compiling my favorite links I’ll post them all to my blog Facebook page, so look out for clickable greatness on a much more regular basis 🙂

Why no PotC for a while? Because I have something AWESOME planned for November. Watch this space 🙂 The magic will be revealed on Sunday!

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  1. We LOVE Miranda – hands down my favorite show we discovered in the UK. Season 2 is hilarious. It makes me chuckle just thinking about it… 🙂 I’ll miss the pick of the clicks, they are usually the best reads of my week. Thanks for introducing me to thought-provoking (or just funny) corners of the interwebs!

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