He Tends His Flock (Nicole T. Walters)

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He Tends His Flock (Isaiah 40.11)

The sun is fading behind the trees now

And there’s a place I’m supposed to be

But the fog is rolling in like waves,

Slowly covering and drowning me.

Somewhere is the familiar path

That leads to safety, leads me home.

But in the descending darkness

My tired legs begin to roam.


Somewhere not too far from here

The gate is closing for the night.

He is counting every head to see

That each one made it home all right.

But tonight there’s one wandering lamb

Who forgot to watch for His lead.

Now I find myself alone and scared.

I find myself in desperate need.

Against the briars and jagged rocks

At first I begin to grope,

But the world spins around me

As I lay down my head, give up hope.


I lay down in defeat to die,

Unable to keep up the fight,

Until in the darkness of despair

A familiar voice breaks through the night.

Could this really be the one I love,

Come to carry me back home?

But isn’t he angry at my mistakes,

At my tendency to always roam?

Why would he leave the ninety-nine

For one alone I cannot see.

Why would He risk His own life

For a worthless lamb like me?


When he finds me at last,

Shivering in the cold night air

I see joyful tears in his eyes

And I understand why he is there.

I am not just another lamb

In a flock of nameless sheep.

I am like a precious child

He promised he would always keep.

He gathers me into his arms,

Forgetting all I have done wrong

And he carries me close to his heart,

For it is to him that I belong.

by Nicole T. Walters
Illustration by Corrie Haffly


The Lord is my Shepherd: this poem gave me a fresh glimpse into what that means for us. Perhaps these words were just what you needed today.

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1 thought on “He Tends His Flock (Nicole T. Walters)”

  1. “A familiar voice breaks through the night.”

    There’s an image that is based on a reality we’ve all experienced, I hope. The sound of a familiar voice literally coming out of the darkness when we need reassurance. How wonderful that we hear the Savior’s call coming to us through the deepest darkness there is.

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