The Body Language of Prayer

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angels prayer

For most of my life, I have prayed lying down: late-night thoughts directed at God from my pillow. It probably comes as little surprise that, for most of my life, I have ended up asleep shortly after. Feeling betrayed by my body, I could not pray.

Several years ago a coworker at our church staff prayer meeting caught my attention when he arranged his body differently than the rest of us during prayer. He sat with head bowed, as we all did, but he extended his hands on the table, palms upward. I asked him afterward why he kept his hands outstretched. “It’s to remind me of the ‘nothing in my hands I bring’ thing,” he said, “and that I’m open to receiving whatever God has for me.”

I had long known that prayer is talking to God, communicating with the divine using human language. However, the thought that prayer might involve body language was a new one. But why not?

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Photo Credit: Angel’s Prayer by Bruno (Flickr Creative Commons)



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  1. Several years ago, I too became convicted of my prayer posture. In many ways, I realized it was an outward reflection of my heart!

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