Pick of the Clicks 2/1/2016

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Happy New Year, friends!

December was a whirl of family and kids-on-vacation and altogether too much fruitcake, so it’s been a couple of weeks since I sent out a pick of the clicks – but here are some links I loved for you to enjoy this weekend.

First up, some amazing photosgraphs:

20 utterly unique historical photographs you’ve probably never seen before (I hadn’t)… like this one of Alfred Hitchcock playing with his grandchildren:


And these: 100 best photos taken without photoshop, like this one taken in Yunnan, China:



I took a free online class from Brené Brown in December on The Anatomy of Trust, the first of her new COURAGEworks workshop. You can too, and I highly recommend it. It is 20 minutes of DEEPLY insightful instruction, and well worth it.

This was a beautiful and eye-opening story from a veterinarian: She wasn’t being rude from Dogtor Bill… (Kleenex alert)

Ellen Painter Dollar’s essay Redefining Fruitful: Is procreation a divine mandate? is an excellent read and a worthy piece for consideration as couples grapple with whether they’re supposed to have children. So good.

This was quite possibly one of the best pieces of writing I’ve come across, and fascinating to me as someone who wears the label of Christian (but doesn’t wear the cool hat): by GQ’s Taffy Brodesser-Akner, on Justin Bieber and the Manhattan branch of Hillsong with its crazy appeal: what would cool Jesus do? READ THIS ONE.

The ever-funny Dave Barry did a snarky (and not at all made up!!) review of 2015 for the Washington Post. Cringe-worthy, insightful, and laugh out loud funny all at the same time.

This made me FURIOUS: Deck the gals with neon duct tape: photographer declares ‘peace on earth’ by silencing women in family holiday photo. This kind of stuff is not funny. Well reported, Kristin Clifford.

I loved Garrison Keillor’s piece You don’t have to believe to believe in Christmas. It was one of those pieces where I could hear his Prairie Home Companion voice reading it in my head.

From me?

Something silly: I sang a happy new year’s song for my family (with a camel puppet), and my husband got it on video. So here’s a little New Years’ silliness for you too:

On the blog, and ask me anything question: What if my spouse and I disagree about how to handle Santa? (and speaking of which… contact me if you have a question you’d like to ask!)

Over at Start Marriage Right: What your spouse really, really needs from you.

And over at Today’s Christian Woman: The Body Language of Prayer. This article is usually locked for subscribers, but the link above should give you access 🙂

The winner of a year’s subscription to Today’s Christian Woman is Deb E from Texas: congratulations Deb!

Finally, the One Little Word that Radically Changed my Prayers post got a lot of traffic this week: I guess I’m not the only one praying “make it count” of 2016. Bless you, friends.


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    1. WordPress.com Support

      I got about a third of the way through this piece and had to stop and go back so I could read it out loud to J. The Barry Manilow hip had us both laughing out loud!

  1. It’s wonderful to meet you. Ron Hughes Facebooked your One Little Word post. Excellent. Can’t wait to start reading your links. Happy New Year.

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