Pick of the Clicks 1/8/2016

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Just a few treasures for you this week, but they are GOLDEN:

Best 90 seconds on a screen you’ll see this week:

Worthy reads:

April Fiet’s thoughts on fear, love and a hermeneutic of suspicion are concise, caring and very insightful here: Wheaton College and the Fear Machine.

Karen Swallow Prior tackled the relationship between cleanliness/decluttering/order and spirituality/godliness in The hidden religious promise behind Marie Kondo’s decluttering ‘magic’. Really thought-provoking.

Parents (especially parents of white kids) should read this: Kristen Howerton’s Two white girls get black dolls for Christmas and what happens next is not at all shocking.

My girls were thrilled with their dolls. And while it’s easy to say that it’s just because their parents aren’t racist jerks, I think it is also because we’ve been very intentional in celebrating diversity, because we understand that doing nothing is not enough.  The absence of racism is not enough to combat racial bias.

Margot Starbuck’s suggestions in How to Fight the “More-More-More” Culture gets a loud “PREACH IT!” from me. Margot practices what she preaches, too. Last year she took some radical steps (getting rid of 1000 items in her house), and this article testifies to the spiritual richness of taking intentionally different steps towards handling our possessions.

Allison Vesterfelt has some really profound gems in this: What No One Ever Tells You About New Beginnings, including this nugget of a mantra:

Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.

And, finally, I really appreciated this reflection from Trevin Wax on The Gospel According to Taylor Swift.

From me?

On the blog: Should I make New Years Resolutions: Heinous, helpful, or healthy?

And over at the gorgeous SheLoves magazine: Says Who? Here’s an excerpt…

I am now in my thirteenth and ninth year of marital and motherhood myth-busting respectively. In the age of mommy-wars and the relentless opinions and outrages of the internet, “Who says?” is a sanity-saving question. Who says you should start a baby’s solids with rice cereal? Who says how long you should nurse? Who says you should have sex x number of times a week?

Who says, indeed? Behold, my thickening skin.

I am in my thirty-fourth year of walking with Jesus, and regaining my courage to ask, “Who says?” there, too. Untrustworthy leaders have put millstones around people’s necks, saying, “This is the clear teaching of scripture.” People seeking fame and fortune, platform and power, proclaim themselves experts and write articles and books with all the how-to’s and lists and pinnable reminders. But just because they’re shouting loudly doesn’t mean I have to listen. And just because they’re invoking Jesus’ name doesn’t mean they have His sanction. (Read the whole thing here)

That’s all for this week, friends. Did you see something this week that caught your attention? Leave a link in the comments or over on the blog Facebook page: I’d love to check it out!


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