Pick of the Clicks 1/30/2016

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Hold on to your britches, folks, because here comes a truckload of fabulousness in this week’s Pick of the Clicks…

First, my favorite meme of the week (even though IKEA was actually founded in 1943 – BY A 17-YEAR OLD!! – it’s still funny)


So beautiful from Em Erickson: if my child marries yours – a poignant letter from the mom of a baby girl to the woman out there w whom she will share grand babies.

I LOVE this from Jennifer Grant over at the lovely new site ForHer.aleteia.org: In praise of the tenacity of marriage:

“We all think our marriages will heal our childhood injuries,” he said, leaning forward in his chair. “In every marriage husbands and wives must learn that instead of healing us, issues with our spouses actually open up our old wounds. The couples who last are the ones who work through that pain to a new place, a place of gratitude for what they really have together.”

KLEENEX ALERT – this was my favorite news story of the past few weeks: How one mom’s extraordinary love transforms the short lives of hospice babies. sniff

This is a wonderful piece from Linda Crowe reflecting on the first time she was able to donate blood, and all that had come before: This is My Blood

This is from a while ago, but new to me and SO IMPORTANT: From Lisa McCrohan, Raising girls who are “includes” instead of “mean girls”.

This was really good from Kim Gaines Eckert: Why Christian Women Need to Talk about Sex.

“But if we indeed believe that sex is a good gift created by God, our silence on sex—or more likely, our limited and often negative conversations about sex—do not reflect the full goodness of this gift.”

This was helpful and clear from Gina Crosley-Corcoran: Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person.

And this, from Gina Dalfonzo, is disturbingly insightful (on seeing Donald Trump through the prophetic voice of C.S. Lewis): Nikabrik’s Candidate.

From me on the blog:

Excuse me, your book is too long (and your movie is too short)… Please tell me I’m not the only one who abandons books half-way through?

And, What being a special needs parent teaches me about #blacklivesmatter.


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