Pick of the Clicks 2/6/2016

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I think of this as a public service. In joy-bringing.

Yesterday was a MOST exciting day. Two of the projects I worked on in January both went up, and if you didn’t see them on social media, here are the links:

storyofgodsloveforyouFirst, an absolutely highlight was getting to interview Sally Lloyd-Jones for Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics. Sally is the author of the beloved Jesus Storybook Bible (which we absolutely LOVE and which, just this week, sold its two millionth copy!) The book is now available in a version for grownups called The Story of God’s Love For You. It was delightful talking with Sally, and I particularly loved her thoughts on discovering joy, and our vulnerability to stories as adults. You can read it here: Q&A: The Story Behind the Jesus Storybook Bible.

I also have a very tender post up at SheLoves this week about marriage: I knew I loved him when I Did Not Run.

I also want to introduce you to the Redbud Post, which is the monthly new online magazine put out by my awesome writers’ guild: Redbud. February’s edition is about relationships, and is titled “beyond chocolates” (fantastic, right!?) I have a piece in there about dating well (should we date at all? and if so, who? and how?) , and then stick around to check out some of the other fabulous pieces there. Or better yet, subscribe to the email and get one email a month chock-filled with fabulous content.

Then, here are some links I loved from around the web this week:

  • Then, I (along with many evangelicals) have expressed my dismay at the groundswell of support for Donald Trump. As much as I hate to link to yet another article about this guy, this piece from Alastair Roberts is really worth reading for its insight: Trumped Up? Is the Donald’s Support Really Driven by Racist Xenophobia? In it, he points out some really thought-provoking reasons why Trump might have the support he does (and no, it’s not that all his supporters are idiotic bigots). I think he correctly identifies that there are a community of people who are not feeling heard, who have legitimate questions and concerns, and even if Trump is the wrong solution to their problem – we do the system no service if we just dismiss them rather than listening well. I, for one, am chastened.
  • Daniel Darling’s advice on How to be a Prolific Writer was deeply encouraging to me. If you’re trying to write amidst a zillion other commitments, maybe it will be to you, too.

Then, this was my absolute favorite two minutes on the internet this week: Dr Tofurkey dubsmashing with his baby son. #winstheinternet

And this was a close second (because seriously: Ylvis meets Pentatonix? How can that be anything less than awesome…)

On the blog:

What God Really Wants from You – If you had to summarize what God wants from you in one sentence, what would you say?

That’s all for this week, friends. Happy reading and watching!

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3 thoughts on “Pick of the Clicks 2/6/2016”

  1. While the kid got a bloody nose, I’d like to note that not a single fox (no matter what the fox say) was harmed in the making of that Ylvis video.

  2. LOVED the interview with SLJ. I have given the JSB to countless adults to give them a framework for going back to their own Bibles and I use it in my Ladies’ Bible Study oftern! It is wonderful!!!!

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