Pick of the Clicks 2/21/2016

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Pick of the Clicks Ferris Wheel

Kate Bowler’s Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me is my must-read for the week. Seriously. When the Christian author of a book on the history of the God-wants-you-to-be-healthy-and-wealthy movement finds that, age 35, she has cancer… you want to pay attention.

In a similar vein, Ellen Painter Dollar’s This Lent, I’m Learning to Walk Again is breathtaking:

My challenge now, and for the rest of my life, is to accept my limitations without succumbing to or exacerbating them through foolishness or sloth. I want to claw my way toward whatever healing is possible, while also recognizing the healing that I always and already have access to, because it abides alongside the pain and disability that are here to stay.

My friend Cara Meredith knocked it out of the park with this piece: I’m White, But I Married the Son of a Black History Icon – And This Is What I Discovered About Color. I STRONGLY want to commend this piece to my white South African and American friends.

This was gorgeous (don’t let the title mislead you)… if nothing else, just look at the short picture slide show – A Brother and Sister Get Married (And Later, Their Son Tweets It)

I very much appreciate Tim Fall’s words in the wake of Justice Scalia’s death here: Bashing Supreme Court Justices. We live in a culture where everyone on the sidelines thinks they’re an expert with criticism rights: the referee is blind! the politicians are idiots! the judge is biased! Tim’s words here are good.

There’s been a lot going on in my home town of Cape Town recently: some really terrible news from friends about loved ones being hurt and my alma mater experiencing protests. I appreciated Raymond Suttner’s op-ed on this: Student protests, an indictment of “post-apartheid” South Africa. But in other, very wonderful, news: Brownies and Downies has opened up in Cape Town, a new coffee shop and training center for people with intellectual disabilities. I definitely plan to pay it a visit next time we are in the Mother City!

Love this wisdom and wit from Jamie the Very Worst Missionary: How going on vacation might be better than going on a mission:

Behold, she chose a family vacation over a Christian mission

and, lo, there was a great clutching of pearls.

 Just for fun, the game of Clue is now available in a Downton Abbey version. (I say The Dowager Countess with the soup tureen in the Drawing Room).

 This 25 minute video from Jeremy Cowart is worth watching to the end: more visually beautiful, motivational, and captivating than any half hour show you were thinking of watching on TV this week. Not joking. Open this up and save half an hour. You won’t even notice where the time has gone.

And this made me laugh: when Adele and Ellen de Generes get together to play a prank:

From me this week?

A piece on vocation (and what the heck that even means) at the Mudroom Blog: V is For Vocation.

And on the blog: an ask me anything question from a reader – Can you help me figure out if I’m married?

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