The Adventures of the Stripey Sweater

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Yesterday we went to visit some beloved friends on their farm. They have welcomed a whole lot of baby goats in the past few weeks, and we were going to “kid around” with them.

We were having some trouble getting out the door, though. My eldest didn’t want to finish her homework, and my three year old was walking around buck naked and refusing pants. We talked about the profound wisdom of pants:

Me: it is a good idea to wear pants on a farm. For modesty, and also for protection.
Him: but why?
Me: well, there are baby goats and they like to nibble new things. 
Him: but why?
Me: And their heads are about the same height as your penis that’s poking out there.

The boy put on pants. Smart boy.

I thought this would surely be the funniest thing to happen yesterday, but I was wrong. When we got home I got a text from our fabulous farm friends saying “someone left an orange and black striped jacket here and it is having quite an adventure…”, followed by these pictures:

Playing with the dog.
Climbing trees.
Driving the quad.
Climbing the grain silo. Muy valiente!
Giving a goat her shot.
Filling water buckets.
Just keeping an eye on everyone.
Whew. That was a lot of work! Good night. <3 <3

My kids, seconds after reading this photo story:


Farm days are the BEST.

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