Pick of the Clicks – Marching On 3/11/2016

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It’s me.

I was wondering if after all these weeks you’d like to read, to go over everything…

Just kidding. But it has been a while since I’ve done Pick of the Clicks, and it will be a few weeks until the next one since our family is heading back to South Africa to see friends and family over Easter. So enjoy these: I’ve been saving them just for you.

Must Read: Amanda Taub’s The rise of American authoritarianism. (and, Marilynne Robinson’s commentary on Trump is next on the list: The great orange-haired Unintended Consequence)

Best satire: from the pen of the irrepressible Karen Swallow Prior at the (fabulous new site) Babylon Bee – Counsel On Biblical Gender Roles to Update Manuals With Correct Spelling of “Complementarian.” (and as I type this, my computer underlined it as an anomaly :-))

Poignant: from Rachel Held Evans, on prayer and breastfeeding: Office of the Night Watch: A Meditation on Nursing

Worrying: from David Robson – the curse of the people who can’t stop making puns (Seriously, do I have a humour tumour?)

Raw and beautiful: Fritha Washington’s In Pursuit of the Laughing Jesus

Gorgeous: Andrew Hou’s Illustrations for His Wife Capturing Love at Its Simplest.

Lots to think about here: Kelley J Leigh’s The Second Journey: A Call at Midlife (church friends – what are we doing to address those on the second journey?)

Funny: Michelle Weber’s Two Monks Illustrate the Old Testament.

Best speech (as if there wasn’t enough to love about Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez already:)

Food for thought: Reshma Saujani’s Tedx Talk:

Hilarious and chilling: I have cycled this exact route, but never this fast or with this type of motivation!

From me?

Over at RELEVANT for their advice column: Can You Be Too Young to Lead in Church?

At the Mudroom, on calling, christlikeness, and career: V is for Vocation

At SheLoves TODAY, I wrote about the things that lie behind anger: Hear me Roar, but Don’t See me Cry.

On the blog:

A Hairy Confession

The Adventures of a Stripey Sweater (this was a really fun post)

Four Secrets Book Lovers Need to Know,

and two questions in the “Ask me anything” series: How Do I Celebrate Easter with My Kids? and Help, I’m Jealous of My Husband’s Job.

That’s all for this week, friends. I post fun stuff on my Facebook page from time to time, so follow along there for some other choice links in the next few weeks. As always, thanks for reading and sharing – I LOVE hearing from you!




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