Pick of the Clicks 5/29/2016

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It’s a quiet weekend at our house: my husband and my eldest are on a backpacking trip, and our boys are exhausted after a day of swimming and an extended-dance-party-with-light-sabers (because, BOYS). So, that leaves time for a little weekend curating. Here are some of my favorite things from the interwebz of late:

My favorite read this week is from Nicole Cliffe. But before I tell you about this piece, I should say I had read another piece of hers two days before: In Which I Freely Endorse THINX Period Underwear, which had me rolling with laughter as I read. And then, from this same author, 48 hours later I read this—How God Messed Up My Happy Atheist Life—a STARK contrast in subject matter, but the combination of humor and realness and All The Things makes me want to be her BFF right away. This is a must read, friends:

I had started to meet more people of faith, having moved to Utah from Manhattan, and thought them frequently charming in their sweet delusion. I did not wish to believe. I had no untapped, unanswered yearnings. All was well in the state of Denmark. And then it wasn’t.

This was heartbreaking, from Zhaniah – What I want you to know about growing up in Foster Care and subsequently aging out:

I have spent most of my life in foster care and I can tell you, it is like drowning… repeatedly. You are swallowed–wholly, all at once, by something so other, so absolute that you cannot even make sense of it. Each time you fight your way to the top, reaching your hand out for anyone to save you; yet again you sink. Maybe next time. Occasionally, you make it to the top. You are so close to the shore that you begin to think you are in the clear, that you have found some semblance of safety; just to have a wave knock into you, and drag you below. After a while you give in—allowing your body to be swept under; accepting your fate as a sinking ship. You refuse to give the sea a chance to force your body into collapsing, yet again. You give into this immense nothingness because really this is the home you know. You realize the darkness, your quiet and lone purgatory is the only place you have ever belonged-thus the only place you can ever belong. And then, you are under so long that the ground seems like it was never meant for you at all; it is a fairy-tale, gifted to boys and girls nothing like you. Children who are so much more than you. Maybe you were fighting this void for no reason. Maybe no one ever intended to save you anyway.

Really thought-provoking insights on time and whether we have enough of it from Jen Pollock Michel in There’s Never Enough Time:

(T)o suggest that I “do it all” by waving my time management wand over life’s unruliness is to ignore a glaring distinction between me and many other busy mothers: material privilege.

I LOVE Addie Zierman’s answer to a young woman who has been so hurt by her church experience and is now wondering whether any of the spiritual stuff she sees around her is, as Peeta asks in the Hunger Games, “Real or Not Real?

The truth is, every single person gets a mixed bag of messages; half-truths mixed with lies mixed with truth. No matter how genuinely good their family or their youth group or their church or their friends are. No matter how theologically sound their upbringing might have been. Everyone ends up with a bunch of lies mixed in, whether they know it or not. What makes us lucky, you and me, is we know it. 

I LOVE this post from Melanie Dale, and would have included it in this week’s roundup even if it hadn’t been a guest post on this here blog: Cheer Mom. (And, if you click on the link, you still have a couple of days to enter to win a copy of her fabulous book, Women are Scary):

If you are a cheer mom or a cheerleader, forgive me. It’s not you it’s me. I will adjust and be as awesome as possible. I will bring snacks and learn to tie bows and be the sports bra of supportiveness. Don’t give up on me. Please be my friend.

(I mean COME ON: “I will be the sports bra of supportiveness” 🙂 I giggled for a good couple of minutes over that one.)

Then—sound the trumpets!—this week Anne at Modern Mrs Darcy released her annual Summer Reading Guide, and I have instantly queued up a whole host of titles on request on my Kindle. Wondering what to read next? Take a look at the Summer Reading Guide: I’ve read many of her suggestions over the last 2 years and EAGERLY look forward to this each year.

And then this ad, featuring 52 year old ballet dancer Alessandra Ferri, is just AWESOME:

From me this week: To the Brave Volunteers at Vacation Bible School.

And, since it’s Memorial Day, here’s a Letter To My Children on Memorial Day.

Happy Clicking, friends!


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