Pick of the Clicks 6/24/2016

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Hi friends and happy weekend to you. I’ve spent most of the week dressed as a mermaid (here’s why), but in the few minutes of quiet time in my underwater cove here are some fabulous things from the internet to share with you:

Molly deFrank’s hilarious What It’s Like to Have Four Kids: so funny and so true (even as a mom of three!)

Kasey Edwards’ When Your Mother Says She’s Fat (and in a similar vein, check out this week’s podcast of This American Life Tell Me I’m Fat – lots to think about there)

I LOVE this infographic on the Benefits of Reading

This was fascinating: research proves that having kids makes you significantly less happy. In the USA, that is. And why it doesn’t have to be that way.

Brittany from the BamBlog has great words for parents… and everyone, really… in this one: I love you… but I can’t read your mind.

And a standing ovation to Tanya Marlow for her essay When God is Silent:

I want to say it loudly: the claim that you will always feel God’s peace during suffering is a myth. No matter how mature a Christian you are, sometimes you suffer and God feels desperately absent. Sometimes there’s an explanation in hindsight. Sometimes there’s a lesson learned from it. But sometimes there’s just silence and mystery.

From me? This blog has been quite quiet, but I’ve had a couple of pieces–and my first podcast!—up elsewhere on the web recently.

I got to talk with George Penk over at LifeFM Radio in New Zealand: On Women (and Wives, in particular) finding their place in Ministry (interview from 1:28 to 11mins)

Who knew this was such a Smoking Hot Topic… but here are some thoughts up at RELEVANT mag this week on sex, marriage, and that steamy phrase from Talladega Nights: OK, Let’s Stop All The Talk About Smoking Hot Wives

Writing for one of my favorite places on the internet, for Christianity Today’s Hermeneutics: on how Timehop Helps Me To See God’s Providence (why yes, scrolling through Facebook memories CAN be a sort of spiritual discipline!)

And then for Start Marriage Right, on What Marriage Is—And What It Isn’t

And your final moment of fun for the week, this final video… because sometimes in the middle of teaching kids manners and gratitude and arithmetic, we also need to teach them the coping skills of silliness:

Thanks for reading, friends, and happy clicking!

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3 thoughts on “Pick of the Clicks 6/24/2016”

  1. Oo, a standing ovation!! Thanks so much, lovely Bronwyn – that’s a real honour. And THANK YOU for articulating so clearly my irritation with the phrase ‘smokin’ hot wife’ – YES. Yuck. And I had no idea that phrase came via a spoof TV show. That makes it even more depressing… It is so true that it’s the objectification of wives as prize – and a very male and sexual compliment. Because you can say ‘my beautiful wife’ and anyone can objectively appreciate that someone is beautiful, body and soul. But to call someone smokin’ hot invites confirmation that she is sexy (which limits it to people who are sexually attracted to women). Yes yes yes. All the yeses. So weird.

    Thanks so much for your cheerleading!

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