Pick of the Clicks 7/8/16

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Hi friends,

If your exposure to the internet is anything like mine, you are probably feeling a Whole Lot of Feelings this week as you read. Me too. So in this round up of clicks I am not going to touch much on the events of the past two days – huge as they may be… but I do have a couple of other worthy things I wanted to share:

Joy Beth Smith’s Fat. Single. Christian., on dating as an overweight Christian, is a drop-the-mic piece. A short and very significant read.

I have always wondered about the “mythical” French parents – whose babies sleep through the night and eat escargot as toddlers and apparently have none of the usual infancy-toddler-child-behavior issues that the mothers around me and I lament about together. So, I really appreciated Laura June’s piece: The Real Reason You’ll Never Be Able to Parent Like a French Mom.  (Hint, it has nothing to do with not being French.)

Best read on motherhood in a long, long while: April Hoss’s Counting with Dragons. Don’t miss this one.

They threw their food once; how many times had I yelled? They cried a handful of inconvenient times and generally slowed me down; how many times had I sighed or thrown my hands up in a posture of dismayed shock or said with a voice saturated in irritation, “Enough, no more!” I was logging extra hours of solo parenting while simultaneously being forced to cut down on sleep and they hadn’t adjusted their behavior accordingly.

How many times had I come unglued?

Nothing has made the dragon scales shine brighter than motherhood.

Incredible storytelling by Laura Droege in Empty Spaces (An Autobiography in Seven Parts):

The person formerly known as me had disappeared. It was like walking into our living room and seeing those chairs gone. The ugly baseboards and chair leg-shaped dents in the carpeting showed, just like my ribs did.

An older guy came along. He confessed that he “had a little crush” on me—or the person he thought I was—and pursued me. He continued to pursue me, even when I wouldn’t go out with him, even when he knew I was bulimic, even through three manic-and-depressive cycles. I wasn’t one of those girls who wore problem-causing clothing, he said. I wasn’t an outspoken feminist anymore. I didn’t disagree with his opinions. Perfect girlfriend material.

Lesson learned: Men like it when you’re thin and don’t think too hard. Empty-headed mannequins make marvelous girlfriends.

The ONLY thing I’m linking to this week regarding the violence… but DO read it: Mika Edmondson’s Is Black Lives Matter the New Civil Rights Movement?  His insights on Cain’s pouty “Am I brother’s keeper?” made my hair stand on end.

From me:

On the blog: Let’s hear it for hot, married, older-person sex.

My story: a very personal essay about losing, and despairing, and slowly starting to find my “calling” – My Quilted Calling – Sewing Together the Scraps of My Story. (If you want to know about me and what makes me tick, this is about as plainly and honestly as I can tell it)  I’m grateful to The Well for their invitation to write it (and for their ministry to women in the academy – check them out!)

“With my un-crafty and untrained eye, I had not been able to see any possible use for the miscellaneous scraps of my life story, but that one invitation began to sew some of the themes together: justice, law, a mother’s heart, a platform for writing. The quilt was far from complete, but there was a thrill in seeing something of a pattern.”

At SheLoves: The Ministry of Flag Raising:

“As we tell our stories and process our journeys, trusted sisters (and brothers) in Christ have an integral role: they are witnesses, they help us discern where God is redemptively at work in places we might be blind to, and they raise flags where they see dangers.”

And over at The Encouraging Dads Project, I have a piece called Divorce Doesn’t Have To Mean Dad-less:

There are so many ways that story could have gone. We could have been the kids who told of a Dad-less childhood, or ones whose Dad—discouraged by distance—took less and less of an interest in their lives as the years went by. For so many, divorce has meant Dad-less children. I am thankful this was not our story.

If anything, the divorce made my Dad a better father.

Also – a podcast interview between me and George Penk with The Forum in New Zealand at LifeFM Radio. The question on the table? Am I too young to lead in church? Click here for the link: my interview starts at about 31:00.

Finally – a Video. I loved this Spice Girls cover – because this is what I really, really want (a QUICK video that will make you smile and cheer. Promise.)



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