Pick of the Clicks 7/21/2016

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Hi friends, here are a few worthwhile clicks for you this weekend!

Sam Allberry with Why Single is Not the Same as Lonely – with great insights on our need for both depth and breadth in our relationships.

I deeply appreciate Katharine Welby’s piece on the severe mercy of Dependency. While I don’t struggle with chronic illness as the author does, I am someone closing out my thirties who has been unable to work for pay through most of this decade and at times, the feeling of vulnerability at always having to rely on the kindness and stability of others gets me very down. Her words were water in a thirsty spot for me.

A reader wrote in this week with a question about how to prepare and protect children from sexual predators, starting with how/when to discuss their bodies and sexuality, and how to handle entrusting our kids to others in child care. One reader linked to this VERY helpful resource: The Super Ten Play-It-Safe Rules (for Kids and Grown-Ups). This is one to print and keep in your house!

This made me laugh out loud: 40 Things Everyone But you is Doing This Summer (I know. I’m sorry. I have the WORST sense of humor. and Kelly Catchpole is brilliant in this.)

My brilliant friend  Corrie made a comic featuring my precocious middle child: it’s been two years since this conversation and it STILL makes me laugh out loud – Mac n Cheese.

And then, I just started reading Katelyn Beaty’s newly released book A Woman’s Place. It is WORTHWHILE food for thought, and so well written. For a taste of the conversation, read this: 5 Truths Stay-at-Home and Working Moms Can Agree On. (And I promise I’m not just recommending the book and article because I have a confession quote in it!)

This was INCREDIBLE (and recommended by my sister who is a physical therapist who specializes in neurology, as well as a lover of dance)… watch and be inspired <3

From me:

Just hang the darn curtains. Open the wine. Call that friend you haven’t talked to in a year.

Children have Feelings. Just Like Grownups.

At Aleteia For Her: In defense of public displays of affection in church (and everywhere). (It has since come to my attention that Lore Wilbert, who wrote about this here, and I are theologically and pastorally like-minded in our views on this… but the overlap was coincidental.)

That’s all for this week, friends. Thank you for following and a special thank you to those who take the time to comment here or on Facebook or to message me: I LOVE hearing from you 🙂 Happy clicking!

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