The Big Reveal!

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If you got an email from me a few weeks ago which *looked* like it might be a new blog post but actually was full of Latin gobbledygook… I’m so sorry. But today I get to explain why: it was a testing glitch before the big reveal this week of a brand new sparkly website! Isn’t it pretty? I am a complete Luddite when it comes to computer stuff, so all credit to my fabulous friend and web designer for how beautifully it turned out. (Contact me if you want a referral!)

But the website isn’t all that’s new. I’m also making a switch to starting a newsletter, which I’ll send out every month or so. The newsletter will include some of my favorite things from the blog: like Pick of the Clicks on my favorite things I’ve read and want to recommend, as well as a bit more personal stuff on books I’m reading and what I’m working on. Blog posts will be for more… “evergreen” content, as they say in writer world. That is to say: the newsletter will have the time-sensitive and personal stuff, and the blog will have the longer-lasting articles.

“Why are you starting a newsletter, Bronwyn? I already read your blog.”

Good question. For two main reasons:

  1. There are things I really want to share with readers that aren’t necessarily “public” yet (for example – I signed a book contract! And I’d like to be able to share a sneak peak of the cover with you even though it might not be on Amazon listings yet!) A newsletter is a great way to stay in touch.
  2. Many of us are stepping back from social media (and that’s a good thing!), but we don’t want to miss out on some of the excellent links we used to find there. Signing up for a newsletter means you don’t have to scroll through any feeds to see if you missed anything. If there’s anything new and exciting, it’ll come to your inbox.

I’ll be sending out my first newsletter early next month, so if you want the scoop (and all the ice-cream fans said OH YES!), you can sign up here … which not only will make sure the internet carrier pigeons deliver you the newsletter, but will also give you access to all the free tools (phone unlock screens, printables, bible studies and more!)

You can choose to sign up just for new blog posts, just for the monthly newsletter, or for both – I promise not to add you to any list you didn’t ask to be on. But I have delightful stuff I’ve been saving up for the newsletter – so I hope to connect with you there!

And for now? Take a look around at my pretty new site 🙂 I’ve got some exciting stuff coming up this year and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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4 thoughts on “The Big Reveal!”

    1. Thank you, Ann!! I’m thrilled with how it turned out! (the website, that is … we’ll see about the book!)

  1. This is such a bright, clean, and useful website. I can’t help but be smug in knowing how those who book you for future speaking events, not having experienced your words and wisdom and words of wisdom, will be blown away, as we at College Life often are. 🙂

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