How I’m Talking To My Kids About Corona Virus

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My kids are not quite old enough to read the news for themselves yet, but too old for us to think we are their only sources of information. Their friends and teachers are talking plenty about the corona virus, and the disease it causes (COVID-19). (Hot tip resource: this is a great printable comic for elementary aged kids… and useful for adults too 🙂  

My kids  told me last week they weren’t super worried about the virus: “it’s not so dangerous for kids,” they said. 

I’m glad they’re not fearful about it, but what I’m trying to communicate is that even if they aren’t dangerously at risk… they know and love a lot of people who might be. Older people. Sick people. Immuno compromised people. Our pregnant or chronically ill neighbors and church family. And so they need to wash their hands and take care because it’s a practical way to love their neighbor. I want my kids’ response to the corona virus to be driven by love, not fear. 

They need to be concerned about being infectious, not just being infected. 

I don’t want them to wring their hands. Just to wash them. 

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